A Teen Survived at Sea for 49 Days in This Rickety, Floating Hut

Miraculously, ten ships passed by without seeing him before one finally came to the rescue.


There's a 'Scallop War' Raging in the English Channel and It's Getting Violent

Footage from the clashes between French and British scallop fishers include scenes of boat-bumping, rock-throwing, and inexplicably smoking boats.


Angry Politician Attempts to Dump Dead Fish in the Thames in Bizarre Protest

High-profile Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg was trying to make a stand against EU fishing regulations.


What the Hell Is This Enormous Fish?

"It was a big, big fish."


EU Bans Controversial Practice of ‘Pulse Fishing’

The practice, banned in most countries since the 90s, temporarily paralyses fish by shooting a pulse of electricity through the water.


A History of Stargazy Pie, England's Strangest Christmas Dish

Stargazy pie is an odd-looking invention—a dish where fish gaze up at the sky from a buttery crust—but it's more, too. It's said to be born of famine.


How Trump Is Threatening Kent’s Sea Snail Business

South Korea is one of the largest importers of whelks, an edible sea snail native to the British coastline. But with Trump’s military threats exacerbating tensions on the peninsula, orders are down.


Octopus May Replace Cod in British Waters, Thanks to Climate Change

According to the UK Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership, rising seawater temperatures are attracting octopus to UK coastlines, while cold water fish like cod head north.


Animal Rights Protesters 'Liberate' Tilapia from Florida Man Fishing with Family

The activists said that if the fish had been a dog or a cat, they would have been hailed as heroes.


Meet the Fearless Fishermen of Urban Paris

"This isn't a sewage system, it's a river. Fish are living here and spawning."


My Hunt for the 400-Year-Old Shark Whose Flesh Gets You High

'Shark Drunk' is an engrossing new memoir about shark fishing in the Arctic Circle that's 'Moby Dick' meets Knausgaard's 'My Struggle.'


Meet the 70-Year-Old Japanese Women Who Freedive for Seafood

Once renowned as powerful, half-naked women of the sea, time is catching up with the Ama.