Six People Have Been Charged with Crimes Relating to the Hillsborough Disaster

They include David Duckenfield, who has been charged with the manslaughter of 95 people.
sam wolfson

Liverpool Vs The Sun: How the City Rid Itself of the UK's Biggest Paper

Charting the history of the total eclipse of The Sun.
Davey Brett

Paul Nuttall Is a Pub Fantasist Politician

And therefore the perfect figurehead for our times.
Tom Whyman

​Total Eclipse of The Sun: How Liverpudlians Are Kicking the Tabloid Out of Their City

The people of Liverpool have boycotted the paper for years, but now they're campaigning for shops to stop selling it altogether.
Davey Brett
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Corruption, Abuse and Manslaughter: The Inexcusable Failings of Britain’s Worst Police Force

After Orgreave, Hillsborough and Rotherham – alongside many other allegations of wrongdoing – there have been calls for South Yorkshire Police to be completely disbanded. Here's how it got to that point.
Mark Wilding, Images: Marta Parszeniew

The Hillsborough Documentary That Shows What Really Happened In 1989 Will Finally Air This Weekend

We spoke to director Daniel Gordon about the harrowing process of interviewing the families of the 96, and why he included the voices of police officers in the story.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

A Hillsborough Lawyer Explains the Verdict: 'We Will Never Work on a Case Like it Again'

Kate Stone, who represented 22 families in the Hillsborough inquests, explains how a 27-year fight for truth and justice against police slurs and false media reports has finally come to an end.
Kate Stone
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Jury Rules that Hillsborough Deaths Were Unlawful and Blames Police

An inquiry has found the 96 deaths to be the result of "gross negligence" and exonerated fans there on the day of any responsibility.
Carlton Férment
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What Does Liverpool Think of Thatcher's Funeral?

"We have to spend money on all kinds of crap, so it may as well go on that as well."
Thomas Rea, Photos: Chris Bethell