The Blogger Who Took on ISIS

"Obviously I was scared that ISIS would find out where I was and kill me, but I was more worried about the horrible things they would do to my family."
Moustafa Saadoun
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Photographs of the Aftermath of the Iraqi Forces in Eastern Mosul

Over the past two years, ISIS has destroyed most of the bridges, but they remain the primary way to cross and transfer goods from a safe area to an occupied one.
Robin Hinsch
food politics

How ISIS Is Using Food to Recruit New Fighters

Not only are entrapped families subsisting on a diet of stale dates, but ISIL militants are actively attempting to recruit new members with the enticement of the basic sustenance of life: food.
Alex Swerdloff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

You Need Recommendations and a Guarantor to Join ISIS, According to Leaked Documents

The leaked ISIS recruitment form has 23 questions, ranging from education and work experience to "level of obedience" and "chemical knowledge."
Helen Donahue
Inside Outsider

Why Does Radical Islam Appeal to So Many Young Men?

After the San Bernardino shootings and the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, I asked some of my friends, who have dabbled in extremism, what the draw is for so many young muslims.
Mahmood Fazal

Chris Mullin, Ex-MP, Voted Against Iraq. This Is Why He'd Vote No On Syria

"Surely we have learned by now from our experience in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya that, when you take the lid off one of these regimes you unleash the fires of hell."
Chris Mullin

Those Bizarre 'Open Letters' to Isis Are a Cry for Help

People are doing their bit in the fight against Isis by writing to their friends on Facebook.
Sam Kriss

What Would It Take to Destroy the Islamic State?

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Western military powers appear likely to escalate their anti-Islamic State strategies. But what are their options?
Mike Pearl

Help Fight ISIS by Rebuilding Palmyra in 3D

#FREEBASSEL and an initiative to virtually rebuild the ancient city of Palmyra.
Benoit Palop

Do High-Profile Terrorism Arrests Actually Help the Islamic State?

Every time government officials make noise about how the Islamic State is threatening a series of deadly attacks on American soil, it only adds to the group's notoriety.
Ramzi Kassem

Why We Shouldn't Panic About Danish Welfare Money Going to Fighters in the Middle East

A terrorism expert told us it's unlikely militants were able to get their hands on the dough without being detected.
Mark Hay

This Melbourne Father Spent Five Weeks Fighting the Islamic State in Iraq

In February, Khamis Gewargis Khamis left his wife and kids to fight for the Assyrian Christian militia.
Max Rann