Unites States of Addiction

What It's Like to Detox in Jail

The small communal toilet was in the corner of the pod, enclosed by a short stall that did nothing to keep the smell of diarrhoea, vomit and blood from overtaking the unit.
Elizabeth Brico

My Father the Murderer

My father killed a man when I was 13 years old. Later that night, my grandad helped him hide the body.
Australia Today

Australian Prison Guards Keep Getting Caught Having Sex With Inmates

The husband rang Kempsey prison demanding the name of the officer but was told, "Sorry, it’s an inmate."
Mahmood Fazal
Australia Today

Is a Covert Streetwear Label Operating from an Australian Prison?

An investigation into our favourite fashion scandal of 2018.
Wendy Syfret
Inside Outsider

Inmates Explain the Bloody Process of Joining a Prison Gang

"I pulled the shiv down his back twice and left a big cross that pissed blood everywhere."
Mahmood Fazal

Prisoners Talk About How They Make and Waste Money on the Inside

"My mate books escorts and then I ring him at the brothel. I’ll listen as he fucks them how I want."
Mahmood Fazal
Australia Today

Germaine Greer Suggests Rapists Get Community Service Over Prison Time

She also referred to rape as simply "bad sex".
Wendy Syfret
Life Inside

How I Stayed Out of a Gang When My Dad Was Arrested

Selling drugs seemed like such an easy way to help your family with money. But I was small for my age and feared getting "jumped" as part of gang initiations.
hard time

How a Rural Prison Found a Way to Eradicate Hep C

More than 30 percent of Australia's male inmate population test positive for the disease.
Mahmood Fazal
Australia Today

Queensland Woman to Serve 12 Months For Biting Her Husband's Tongue Off

He was literally left speechless after an unwanted sexual advance.
Michael Migali
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Prisoners Get Guard Wasted, Escape During Booze Run

The honour system didn’t work here.
Mack Lamoureux
Life Inside

The Unreal Horror of Being Locked in Solitary Confinement When I Was 16

I felt like I aged 10 years just by doing 20 days in there.
Jordan as told to Taylor Elizabeth Eldridge