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The Story Behind That Guy Who Married an Anime Hologram in Japan

There's more going on here than a super strange wedding reception.
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13 minutes ago
Australia Today

Mysterious Boats Full of Corpses Keep Washing Up in Japan

It's believed the so-called "ghost ships" are coming from North Korea.
Gavin Butler
2 days ago

A Guide to the Messy, Multi-Sided State of North Korean Diplomacy

As Trump and Kim Jong-un prepare to finally meet (or not), other Asian powers are watching – and working behind the scenes.
Mark Hay
Studio Ghibli

Behold the Glorious First Images of the Studio Ghibli Theme Park

Your chance to be inside a Hayao Miyazki film is coming soon.
Beckett Mufson

'Isle of Dogs' Is a White Man's Fantasy of Japan

Wes Anderson's latest film is funny, charming, and just straight up cultural appropriation.
Michael Sun

All the News You Need to Read Today

Read it here so you don't have to open Twitter.
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Photographing Japanese Schoolgirls, Without the Stereotypes

Everyday images of an all-girls high school in Tokyo where life doesn't imitate anime.
Katherine Gillespie
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I Went to the Karaoke World Championships as Soon as I Found Out It Was a Thing

The only time you’ll find people from around the globe coming together to wave flags at someone thrusting to "Pretty Fly For a White Guy".
Hannah Ewens

I Built the Longest Beer Bong in the History of the World

Why not.
David Allegretti
Inside Outsider

The Yakuza's Favourite Tattooist Explains Why Tattoos Should Never Be Seen

"When something becomes a fashion, it isn’t fascinating any more."
Mahmood Fazal

Big Boy Trump Proves He’s Not a Liddle Baby Any More on Japan Trip

"I never knew we had so many countries," the president, who is definitely not a baby, remarked.
Eve Peyser
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Cops Say Japanese Serial Killer Used Twitter to Lure Suicidal Victims

Takahiro Shiraishi​ reportedly admitted to killing nine people since August after police found multiple severed heads and bodies in his apartment.
Allie Conti