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If Indie Bookshops Can Pay a Living Wage, Why Can't Waterstones?

Recently, Waterstones boss James Daunt said the chain "can't afford" to pay a living wage. What can it learn from the independent bookshops who say they already do?


Most Money Advice Is Worthless When You’re Poor

Savings tips are classist garbage and belong in the trash.


We're Doing Protest All Wrong

Matthew Bolton believes we need to give up on protests like "The Day Of Rage", in favour of a more nuanced approach.


Labour Needs to Do More for People in Crap, Unstable Jobs

Their assault on the "Rigged Economy" is a good start, but it doesn't really get what a lot of work is like today.


The Hypocrisy of the Brexit-Funding Mr Wetherspoons

A look at the ideology of Britain's most famous landlord.


It's 'Living Wage Week' and Workers Are Still Fighting for an Incredibly Basic Level of Pay

I went to a Halloween-themed picket at a cinema, but the really scary thing is that any British workers have to fight to avoid living in poverty.


The UK Is Clearly Not a Good Place to Be a Freelancer

Being self-employed can have its perks, but according to a recent study, it's also mostly terrible.


The High Street Hall of Shame: All the Companies Ripping Off Their Employees Over the Living Wage

The introduction of a national living wage should have been a good thing, but some bad bastard employers on the high street are using it as an excuse to cut benefits. Here they are, rounded up, for you to ogle at.


Meet the Topshop Cleaners Fighting for the London Living Wage

What it's like to earn less than the cost of a mid-range Topshop coat in a week.


A Pessimist's Guide to David Cameron's Conference Speech

It held little in the way of surprises, but seemed to have no basis whatsoever in reality.


Furious Cleaners Held a 'Noise Protest' at the BAFTAs Last Night

They brought red flags to the red carpet because they want sick pay, holiday pay and overtime.


How Britain Dealt with the Shit Hitting the Fan in 2014

Some protests are better than others – here's what the nation's angry, poor and disenfranchised learned in the last 12 months.