Moby Sounds Like a Jerk

The producer and DJ needs you to know he dated a teenaged Natalie Portman when he was 35.
Josh Terry
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A$AP Rocky Debuts 'TESTING' Cover in Very Weird Livestream

A$AP Rocky was part of a very strange performance art piece at Sotheby's, which ended with him displaying his new album's artwork.
Shaad D’Souza
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A$AP Rocky's Trippy "A$AP Forever" Video Pays Homage to Moby

The just-released clip is a creative, extremely 90s visual feast that nods to the original "Porcelain" video.
Phil Witmer
New music

Listen to A$AP Rocky's New Moby-Sampling Track "ASAP Forever"

It's not April Fool's Day, so you can be sure that "ASAP Forever (feat. Moby)" isn't a prank. In fact, it's the latest single from Rocky's new album 'TE$TING'.
Shaad D’Souza
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Moby Claims He Gave Apple the Idea for the iPod and iPhone

A new interview in 'The Guardian' has the electronica icon saying that he pushed Apple to make a music player and predicted that they'd put a camera on it one day.
Phil Witmer
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Moby Claims the CIA Told Him About Russia and Trump Because He Has Clout

On a promo run for his new album, Moby held nothing back about Donald Trump.
Kristin Corry

Electronic Anthems from Turn-of-the-Century MTV We're Still Not Over

The years 1997 to 2003 were intergalactic AF.
Daniela Castro

How a Dystopian Film Moby Scored in 2006 Predicted the Post-Truth Future

With convoluted government conspiracies, reality TV overlords, and celebrities gone wild, Richard Kelly's 'Southland Tales' is an overlooked prophetic masterpiece.
Ezra Marcus

Here's 10 Other Things Moby Was Right About Besides Trump's Relations with Russia

Every generation gets the Nostradamus it deserves.
Zachary Lipez
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Moby & The Void Pacific Choir Shares Politically-Charged Video for “Erupt & Matter”

The artist has been very vocal about the current political climate.
Krystal Rodriguez
rave curious

Moby Opens Up About the Time Aphex Twin Called Him a "Buffoon"

On the latest episode of our Rave Curious podcast, the techno icon talks choosing activism over acclaim in the face of new realities.
Joshua Glazer

Moby Responds to Election: "America, You Are So Much More Racist and Misogynistic Than I Ever Imagined"

The producer and DJ has taken to Instagram to mourn Donald Trump's unexpected win.
Colin Joyce