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We Asked Inmates How Michael Cohen Will Get Treated in Prison

"The guy is one of the most well-known snitches in America right now. And I don't care what prison he goes to – he's hit!"
Seth Ferranti
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South Koreans Are Sending Themselves to a Fake Jail to Escape Daily Life

Thousand of people are locking themselves up as a way to get out of work.
Gavin Butler
Criminal Justice

What US Inmates Are Saying About Trump's Plan to Shorten Prison Sentences

"They give us hope and they take it away."
Seth Ferranti
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What Inmates Are Saying About the Brutal Prison Hit on Whitey Bulger

"He got what he had coming to him."
Seth Ferranti
Anjem Choudary

Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Has Been Released From Prison

He served half his sentence for inviting support for Isis.
Mac Hackett
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How Men in Prison Reacted to Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation

"The hypocrisy in this country, and in our leaders, is astounding."
Seth Ferranti
true crime

What Happens When Your Dad Raises Your Whole Family to Be Criminals

"Rooster Bogle would take his sons out once a week or so to visit a prison near Salem, Oregon where they lived and say, 'Look carefully, boys, because when you grow up, this is where you're going to live.'"
Seth Ferranti

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Medical cannabis set to be available on prescription within a month​.
VICE Staff
Drug tests

Former Inmates Told Us How They Beat Drug Tests While Behind Bars

You learn quite a few tricks in the pen.
Seth Ferranti
Life Inside

The #MeToo Movement Has Reached Prison

Prisoners have remained silent – some out of shame, others out of fear of retaliation, but most because that’s just the way it’s always been.
Jerry Metcalf

All the Terrible Things You See and Learn as a Guard in a Private Prison

Journalist Shane Bauer worked undercover in a Louisiana prison for four months. What he discovered was shocking.
Seth Ferranti

My Father the Murderer

My father killed a man when I was 13 years old. Later that night, my grandad helped him hide the body.