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Egging Politicians Is Good, Actually

The egging of a xenophobic Australian politician shows how much power there is in confronting your opponents in public and making them look dumb.
Karen Geier
3 days ago
Save Yourselves

Ten Thousand Kids Protested Climate Change in London

We took photos so you can see what that looked like.
VICE Staff
Save Yourselves

Activists Tell Us Their Advice On How to Save the World in 2019

Look outside: global warming is getting worse.
Roisin Lanigan
Save Yourselves

Extinction Rebellion Is Telling the Terrifying Truth About Climate Change

We met members of the climate action group to talk about their plans to save the world.
Emily Goddard
Save Yourselves

What to Bring to Your First Protest

Remember to bring placards, plenty of water and a medieval siege weapon.
Mac Hackett

This ‘Nude Brexit Doctor’ Debate Is Missing the Point

There are some good points to be made about Britain's impending withdrawal from the EU, but I’m not convinced that “tits out for liberalism, broadly speaking!” is one for now.
Emma Garland

DOs and DON’Ts: A Guide to Your First Protest

DON'T get pepper-sprayed, DON'T get arrested... DO remember to have fun, though!
Michael Segalov

What the Brexit Battleground Looked Like Last Night

Outside Parliament, there were lots of signs, lots of shouting, a DJ and a big yellow bus.
VICE Staff

Meet the Guy Who Helped Save a Town from Actual Gold Diggers

At 18 years old, Tică Darie helped fight off a mining conglomerate that planned to turn a Romanian village into a cyanide lake.
Vlad Marko Tollea
Yellow Vest Movement

Protesting With the LGBTQ Activists Criticised for Supporting France's 'Gilets Jaunes' Movement

Some have accused the Committee for Queer Liberation and Autonomy for taking part in a movement that has been supported by the far-right.
Matthieu Foucher

Why France's Gilets Jaunes Protests Continue to Rage On

We spoke to a Parisian activist and academic about why they started and what they have evolved into.
Casper Hughes

Inside the Corruption and Repression Forcing Hondurans to Flee to the US

Migrants are leaving not only because they fear gang violence, but because they are terrified of the brutal government.
Peter Tinti