Everything You Need to Know Before Attending Your First Protest

If you're planning on skipping school to attend the Fridays For Future march, you should come prepared.
Dominique Sisley
13 hours ago

My Trial as One of the Stansted 15 Taught Me a Sad Lesson About the UK Justice System

Sitting on the runway, wearing an adult nappy, I could never have predicted that things would turn out as they have.
Ben Charlie Smoke
mental health

Photos of an Illegal Mental Health Awareness March in Moscow

Campaigners of PsychoActive risked arrest to demonstrate against the lack of mental health support in Russia.
Olga Kravets
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Squatter

"A society without private property would be much more humane."
Anna Melamed
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Extinction Rebellion Protesters Reflect On Their Campaign

"I was totally on a higher vibration, being connected to nature and stuff. This has been a massive hug."
Rhys Thomas
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We Asked Extinction Rebellion: What Comes Next?

Co-founder Gail Bradbrook realises they haven't got everything totally right, but is quietly optimistic they'll get the government to the bargaining table.
Michael Segalov
Question Of The Day

Would You Go to Jail to Save All Life on Earth?

In the wake of this week's major Extinction Rebellion actions, I went out on the streets of London in search of willing climate martyrs.
Rhys Thomas
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We Were at the Big, April Youth Strike for Climate in London

One protester was taken into a police van on yet another day when young people showed they're really not keen on the destruction of planet earth.
VICE Staff
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Egging Politicians Is Good, Actually

The egging of a xenophobic Australian politician shows how much power there is in confronting your opponents in public and making them look dumb.
Karen Geier
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Ten Thousand Kids Protested Climate Change in London

We took photos so you can see what that looked like.
VICE Staff
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How Women-Run Free Cafes Helped Sustain the 1984 UK Miners’ Strike

“You have to remember that there were children starving. We knew Thatcher was trying to break us, so we had to galvanise as a community.”
James McMahon
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Activists Tell Us Their Advice On How to Save the World in 2019

Look outside: global warming is getting worse.
Roisin Lanigan