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Joey Pressey Cycled from England to Scotland to Save Southbank

We had a chat about his 874-mile cycling trip with his dog Stella, being pro for Heroin and Landscape, and living in the home of Palace Skateboards.
Jason Caines
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Iconic Skateboarder Jeremy Wray On Huge Ollies and Why You Should Never Fake Your Style

Talking design, skateboarding and ludicrous gaps with the Wraybros founder.
Jason Caines
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Talking Loves, Long Live Southbank and 'Dirty Sanchez' with Dan Joyce

We had a chat with the Southbank veteran about everything skateboarding.
Jason Caines
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Get Lesta Is Putting Midlands Skateboarding On the Map

We had a chat with Callun Loomes, founder and filmer of one of the UK's most prolific skate crews.
Jason Caines
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Legendary Skater Erik Ellington Is Behind Your New Favourite Shoe Brand

We had a chat with the Deathwish co-founder about his most iconic parts, his new shoe company and his role in creating the handboard.
Jason Caines
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Eloise Dörr On Skating, Skate Spots and Her Blobby Skateboarding Characters

We spoke to the south London artist and skater about living in London as an artist in 2018.
Jason Caines

I Cruised LA with the Moxi Roller Skating Girl Gang

They're taking roller skating out of the roller rink and onto the boardwalk, all while taking no crap from anyone.
Nicole Clark
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'Ross from Friends' On the Skate-World Music You Need to Hear

We spoke to the producer about skateboarding, rave nostalgia and the joy of goody music.
Jason Caines

'Tony Hawk' Is More Honest About Video Game Skateboarding Than 'Skate'

When Pro Skater tells me to whack on a button to do that kickflip, it’s as far away from the actual act as you can get. But it helps to put something in focus.
Cameron Kunzelman

This Is What Skating Looked Like When Your Dad Was a Teenager

Photos from 'Read And Destroy', the magazine that chronicled British skating at its most underground moment.
Jak Hutchcraft
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The No Comply Network Brings You the Best Skater-Produced Art

And, from this week, we'll be featuring profiles of their members on VICE UK.
Jason Caines

Why Have Skateboards Been the Same Price for 30 Years?

Somehow, give or take a few bucks, skateboard decks have stayed the same price over the last three decades.
Hanson O'Haver