milo yiannopoulous

Milo Yiannopoulos Says He's Broke

"I can't put food on the table this way."
David Uberti
White Nationalism

Trump Retweeted a Video with a Logo Linked to White Nationalism and Fascistic Vigilantes

The logo is a picture of a lion painted in red, white and blue.
Tess Owen
Hong Kong

How China Used Facebook and Twitter to Bombard Hong Kong With Propaganda

The platforms suspended hundreds of accounts they say were used in a state-run campaign to discredit pro-democracy protests.
Tim Hume

Amazon’s Creepy Twitter PR Army Is Growing

Amazon now has dozens of apparent employees tweeting about how much they love the company. But even former employees are suspicious of the accounts.
Edward Ongweso Jr
Joseph Cox
In Moderation

Facebook and YouTube Are Failing to Detect Terrorist Content in Arabic

"Jihadists are aware that Arabic, in addition to considering it a sacred language, provides a linguistic firewall which their adversaries find difficult to penetrate."
Moustafa Ayad
the internet

'Feral Hogs' Was Made for Weird Twitter

An unwitting tweet about "30-50 feral hogs" felt destined to go viral. But why?
Lauren O'Neill

I Searched for the Most Outrageously High Fashion TK Maxx Deals

After a viral tweet showing an Off-White jacket for sale at a fraction of its RRP in TK Maxx Hammersmith, one intrepid writer scoured the shelves for high-end finds.
Douglas Greenwood

The Worst Tweets About Boris Becoming Prime Minister

The biggest takeaway of this whole nightmare: people on Twitter are incredibly annoying.
James Greig

Trump Invites Fringe Social Media Company Popular With Nazis to the White House was invited to a social media summit (featuring several far-right figures), but not Facebook and Twitter.
Ben Makuch

Our 'Hot Girl Summer' Is a Sweaty Mess, but at Least We Can Enjoy the Memes

Sunburned? Sticky? Filled with existential dread? These memes might help you feel less alone.
Drew Schwartz

Facebook and Twitter Suck, So Here's How to Make Your Own Social Media Network

Artist and programmer Darius Kazemi has created a guide to running small social network sites.
Nicole Carpenter
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Pakistani Politician Mistakes Video Game Plane for Reality, Praises Pilot for 'Narrow Escape'

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur tweeted out a video of a plane avoiding collision, only to be told that it was computer graphics from the GTA V video game.
Shamani Joshi