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Worst Hot Take of the Week: 'Mugabe' Is the Same as Boris Johnson Trying to 'Take Back Control'

In a week of tropical takes, it was between this and tabloid journalists door stopping Jeremy Corbyn with a size 20 blouse.


Tommy Robinson: Convicted of Journalism and the Worst Hot Take About His Situation

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The DJs Fighting Against Brexit and for a People's Vote

We hear from the DJs and supporters calling for an alternative to Brexit beyond 'Theresa May's terrible deal' and 'no-deal panic.'


Rejected E-Petitions Tell Us a Lot About Hope and Cynicism in UK Politics

What makes them so fascinating is that they are a real-time list of things the British people long for, but cannot have.


We Snuck Into the 'Tory Momentum' Re-Launch Party

Conservative youth group Activate had an embarrassing birth, and their second try at reaching an audience didn't go much better.


The Story of the Johnsons, the Boisterous Dynasty That’s Taken Over Britain

From sibling rivalry via Eton and Oxford, and up to the cabinet, those closest to the Johnsons tell us how the family has shambled its way to the top.


How Does Theresa May Respond to Sexual Abuse Allegations?

With House Of Cards political games and the promotion of more white men.


The Real Reason Tories Are So Furious with Labour's Laura Pidcock

It's not just because she doesn't want to be friends with them.


All the Fuck-Ups the Government Tried to Bury On the Last Day of Parliament

It's become known as "take out the trash day".


Which MPs Have the Worst Records on LGBT rights?

After Andrew Turner and Tim Farron came under fire for public comments, who else should voters be wary of?


Everything But Brexit: All the Terrible Stuff the Government Has Done Since the EU Referendum

As the government gears up to triggering Article 50, here's our new guide to all the bad moves Tories have made while we've been distracted by Brexit.


The Scottish Town Planning to Give Everyone Free Money

Could Kelty's citizens income experiment show the way to utopia?