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Save Yourselves

The Workers Who Wanted to Stop Making Weapons and Start Waging War on Climate Change

In the 1970s, workers at a defence manufacturer in Lancashire came up with a radical idea to start making things that would be better for society.
Casper Hughes

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

White working class children 'lack aspiration and drive' of migrant communities, says Ofsted chief.
VICE Staff

All The News You Need To Read This Morning

Nerve agent used to poison a former spy could still be present in Salisbury
VICE Staff
Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Moby on Food Stamps vs 'Bus Travel Is Middle Class'

The week in misunderstanding the working class experience.
Angus Harrison

We Need to Break the 'Class Ceiling' in UK Politics

The Commons has more women, LGBT and ethnic minority MPs than ever before, but we're still struggling for working class voices.
Emma Garland
Oh Snap

Read the Best Stuff We've Published This Election

Few hours to kill before the election night pub sesh, why not read the stuff we're proudest of publishing?
VICE Staff
Oh Snap

How Labour Lost the Working Class

For a hundred years Teesside was the steel capital of the world and a Labour heartland. Now, for the first time in generations, it's turning blue.
Joe Zadeh
Oh Snap

Calling Bullshit on the Tories' Pledge to Look After Workers

Let's take look at the promises of the historical party of the ruling class towards the unwashed masses.
Yohann Koshy

'I've Finally Put Words to My Pain': Johnny Harris On His Boxing Film, 'Jawbone'

We went to Carney's Community Centre to speak to the 'This Is England' actor about masculinity, expression and the politics of being working class.
Hannah Ewens
mental health

What the Reaction to Prince Harry's 'Stigma Shattering' Says About Mental Health in the UK

If you're not frustrated at the lack of state help, I can only assume you've never had to rely on the NHS for treatment.
Hannah Ewens
Tunisian food

This Fiery Tunisian Soup Is Not for the Faint of Heart

A gutbomb of chickpeas, stale bread, eggs, and a whole lot of harissa, lablabi is a favourite of the Tunisian working class.
Thessa Lageman

What Call Centres Can Tell Us About Bleakness and Resistance in the Modern Workplace

Nobody likes being cold called, but spare a thought for the person on the other end of the phone who doesn't want to be there either.
Kit Caless