Lyrics Morph into Code in Karma Fields' Hypnotic Video

Raven Kwok creates a stunning generative lyric video for Karma Fields' new track.
December 4, 2015, 10:50pm

Artist Raven Kwok delivers another algo-rhythmic music video, what Kwok calls a "code-based generative lyrics video" for the track "Stickup" by Karma Fields & MORTEN, featuring Juliette Lewis shouting and swearing. Kwok, who directed and programmed the vid, used software art platform Processing to create it.

It's a stunning way to visualize lyrics, as the words come in and out of rhythmic focus surrounded by explosions of contours, disintegrating forms, and intricate lineations, all in time with the twisting beats. "The system for generating the visuals is partially derived from the one previously used in 'Build the Cities.'" explains Kwok on his website. "Lyrics are parsed, making each layer of quadtree structure subdivide itself to a corresponding pattern."

Image: Raven Kwok (via)

"Build the Cities" was the first time Kwok worked with Karma Fields and this is his third music video outing with them, forming a sort of trilogy. In "Build the Cities," Kwok used a cubic cell-based animation structure that subdivided to drive the visuals forward. "Stickup" similarly divides and breaks apart to pull the narrative onwards, but the visuals are less formal and, at times, it has the sensation of being underwater swaying to and fro.

You can check out some stills below. All are taken from Kwok's website where you can find more.

See more of Raven Kwok's work on his website.


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