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MS MR Peel Back Every Single Layer in Their Video for "Wrong Victory"

What happens when your skin doesn't feel like home?

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Apr 6 2016, 2:37pm

The NYC based duo's video for "Wrong Victory" is one hundred percent their finest from their second album How Does it Feel, which dropped last year. Featuring singer Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow shrouded on a slowly spinning platform, the pair slowly strip away the layers to get the the flesh, to get to the grist. Sonically—even with the strings and that sinuous bass—it's MS MR doing minimalist modern pop. Plapinger's vocal curves around the melody and huskily cracks in all the right places—particularly three quarters of the way through as she nears the final climactic bar.

MS MR had this to say about their eerie short: "We’ve been dreaming of this video ever since we finished writing 'Wrong Victory.' The heart of the song is about the struggle and tension in attempting to escape yourself in order to find your truest self. We wanted to linger on the lyric

'When your skin doesn’t feel like home' and use it as an opportunity to literally and figuratively explore the masks we wear and the layers we hide behind until we're left to our most raw form."

Watch the video below and check out the behind the scene snaps—which look they're pulled straight from Toilet Paper Magazine.

Photos by Robert Lindholm:


​Director: Mafalda Millies

Director of Photography: Frank Larson

Stylist: Alexandra Cronan

Costume Design: Annina Pfuel

Stills: Robert Lindholm

Make up Art: Anastasia Durasova

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4/23 – Maitland, Australia – Groovin the Moo

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4/25 – Oakbank, Australia – Groovin the Moo

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4/29 – St. Kilda, Australia – Prince Bandroom

4/30 – Bendigo, Australia – Groovin the Moo

5/1 – Annandale, Australia – Groovin the Moo

5/3 – Newstead, Australia – The Rosemount Hotel

5/5 – North Perth, Australia – The Triffid

5/7 – Bunbury, Australia – Groovin the Moo

5/25 – Kansas City, MO – Madrid Theatre*

5/26 – Saint Louis, MO – The Pageant*

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5/29 – Toronto, CA – The Phoenix Concert Theatre*

5/30 – Toronto, CA – The Phoenix Concert Theatre*

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6/2 – Boston, MA – House of Blues*

6/18 – Chicago, IL – Taste of Randolph*

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