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Semicircle's New Album Is Perfect For Freezing, Introspective Walks Home From The Bar

Get #deep with Semicircle's new album.

by Kayla Monetta
Dec 5 2014, 10:00am

There's something about the cold weather that inherently makes us more introspective about life. Not to sound cheesy, but there really is no other way to describe walking alone on a cold night listening to bands like Phosphorescent or Mount Eerie, staring up at the moon, and thinking about your life, love, losses, ramen, pizza, whatever. I won't tell you what makes you really think. If you don't know what I am talking about then I strongly suggest that you make a designated playlist to listen to while walking alone at night in the cold (you could even title it, "IT'S COLD AS SHIT" so that we can be on the same level). If you need some music to kick off this playlist, look no further than Athens, Georgia-based duo, Semicircle.

Semicircle's beginnings were made up of different experiments. Their first shows were entirely improvised, and "intended as a study into the ability of music to connect people’s consciousnesses." Their first release was written in the house that Andrew McFarland (Reptar, Co Co Ri Co, Giant Giants) grew up in, exploring ideas of home using one mic and a four track tape machine. This dude is on some serious vibes. Now Semicircle has come full circle (see what I did there?) as a duo, with McFarland and fellow Reptar/Giant Giants bandmate, Ryan Engelberger. Semicircle's first full-length record, Blown Breeze, Grown Grass and We are Part of the Earth, is perfect for those #deep walks home from the bar in the winter. Seriously, I dare someone to try and tell me that track five, "Underground River of Grass," didn't make you feel something. Stream the album in its entirety, below.