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There's a Major Typo on Trump's Official Inauguration Print

The Library of Congress quickly pulled the poster offline after realizing the Trump quote used "to" instead of "too."

by River Donaghey
Feb 13 2017, 3:10pm

Over the weekend, some shoppers perusing the Library of Congress's online store noticed something a little off about Trump's $17 official inauguration portrait—it came with a pretty glaring typo.

The portrait print, which showed Trump grinning in his usual boxy suit and red tie, included a quote from his inauguration speech. What it didn't include, though, was the correct number of o's in the word "too."

"No dream is too big, no challenge is to great," the 8" x 10" print read. The Library of Congress quickly pulled the poster offline after realizing the printing error, but the site has already been archived and preserved for all eternity by the Wayback Machine

According to the New York Daily News, the print was thrown together by graphic designer John Rupert, so it's not like Trump himself had anything to do with the typo—though the president has had his share of spelling troubles, too. Just this year, the president has encouraged the American public via social media to take a "Twitter brake" and enjoy a "tacoe bowl," and who can forget that time he inexplicably spelled "among" with a "u"?

"This print captures the essence of Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency of the United States," the Library of Congress site read, back before the print was taken down. It wasn't wrong. 

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