American Airlines


How to Cancel Your Flight for Free

Travel plans change. That doesn’t mean you should have to pay $200 for the privilege of switching to another flight.
Evie Carrick

Passengers with Nut Allergies Can Now Board Early on American Airlines

"We do not think that our customers will fake having a potentially life-threatening allergy in order to simply board the plane a little bit faster.”
Jelisa Castrodale
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Drunk Baggage Handler Passes Out Inside Plane and Wakes Up 500 Miles from Home

River Donaghey
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Boston Flight Diverted Because Drunk Bro Wouldn't Stop Doing Pull-Ups

Turns out the middle of a flight is a bad time to get those gains.
Drew Schwartz
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Passengers Asked to Pee in Trash Bags and Bottles on This Flight from Hell

After the toilets onboard started overflowing from a flushed diaper.
Drew Schwartz
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Thousands of Holiday Flights Don't Have Pilots After a Glitch at American Airlines

Apparently the carrier's computer system allowed way too many crew members to take time off in December.
Drew Schwartz
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Here's How the NAACP Is Fighting American Airlines After Claims of Discrimination

The NAACP is warning African American travelers about flying on American Airlines after a "pattern of disturbing incidents."
Demetria Irwin

‘Hit Me’: American Airlines Flight Attendant Challenges Passenger to Fight

The incident occurred after the employee allegedly “violently” snatched a stroller away from a mother and her child.
Mack Lamoureux
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People Would Pay More Just to Avoid United After Its Controversy, Says Study

About 79 percent of participants who heard about David Dao's incident would choose American Airlines over an identical United flight.
Drew Schwartz

How a Spilled Soda Grounded an American Airlines Flight

As if air travel isn't stressful enough, imagine some rogue ginger ale sending your flight into chaos.
Wyatt Marshall
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RJD2 Was Supposedly Almost Pulled from an American Airlines Flight Over a Bag of Records

The producer was evidently told: "if you say one more thing about this, I'm pulling you off of this flight."
Michael Scott Barron
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The Top Three US Airlines Have Banned Hoverboards

The worldwide war on hoverboards, a.k.a. swegways, continues unabated.
River Donaghey