A Peek Inside the Secret, Sick Rituals of America's Frats

Just in time for the likely confirmation of a frat guy accused of sexual violence to the Supreme Court, a look at the underbelly of the world many powerful men pass through.
Alex Norcia
Views My Own

America Needs the Penny Now More Than Ever

The rule of law is in danger and nuclear war feels pretty close. Maybe now's not the time to mess with sweet, sweet American currency.
Matt Taylor

Philip Roth Happily Pissed a Lot of People Off

The late, polarizing novelist set a high bar for everyone else—and himself—to violently crash into.
Andrew Martin
martin luther king jr.

The Strange, Tangled Web of Assassination Plots Against MLK

Before he was actually murdered, the civil rights legend was targeted for at least a decade by vile racists of all stripes, according to a new account.
Seth Ferranti
High Wire

The Mystery of the Terrifying Xanax Resurgence in America

Pharmaceutical marketing is often said to be a key cause of the opioid crisis. That doesn't explain the deadly rise of benzos.
Maia Szalavitz
Black Women Making History

The Scholar Helping America Grapple with Its Ugly History

Author Keisha N. Blain knows Donald Trump and Dylann Roof didn't come out of nowhere.
Kim Bellware

How the Mafia Fueled Richard Nixon's Political Career

The famously corrupt president didn't just go rogue in the White House—a new book shows that, like, Donald Trump, Nixon had a long history of Mafia-tainted activity.
Seth Ferranti

A Reminder That America Is Incredibly Corrupt and Only Getting Worse

A mistrial in a major case against a sitting US Senator is just the latest reason to despair about unlimited shady behavior by powerful politicians.
Erin Schwartz

Hate Your Shady Landlord? Here's Something to Celebrate

Cities across America are taking steps to help low-income people get lawyers to fight eviction in court.
David Dayen
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby's Trial Is a Test for America

Get ready for a national spectacle about race, sex, and power with huge stakes for survivors of sexual assault everywhere.
Allie Conti
true crime

The Trailblazing NYPD Detective Murdered by the Mafia in Sicily

The "Italian Sherlock Holmes" was actually an American battling the Black Hand, an early Mafia group that terrorized immigrants when cops looked the other way.
Seth Ferranti

Why Kids Need to Learn About Lynching

The new documentary 'An Outrage' visits lynching sites in six Southern states to explore one of the most brutal chapters in America's dirty past—and its connections to modern racism and police brutality.
Seth Ferranti