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Radioactive Material From Chernobyl Will Help Secure the Next Version of Zcash

How to use toxic waste to generate “toxic waste.”
Daniel Oberhaus
weak in review

Kyle Schwarber, And The Large Adult Sons Of October: David Roth's Weak In Review

Baseball lives in its history like no other sport. In this World Series, that history is more present than ever.
David Roth
world series

Cleveland Pitches a Masterpiece to Take Game 1

Corey Kluber and Andrew Miller weren't perfect, strictly speaking, but the Cleveland Indians' effort was even more impressive than that to open the World Series.
Robert O'Connell

Closing Time Comes Early: Is Change Finally Coming to the MLB Bullpen?

The 2016 MLB postseason has seen managers turn to their closers earlier and in high-leverage situations. Does that mean the stubborn nature of bullpen usage will finally evolve in the regular season too?
Christopher Crawford
Cleveland Indians

After Bauer's Early Exit, Cleveland Bullpen Stitched Together a Matter-of-Fact Win

Trevor Bauer only recorded two outs before his finger started gushing blood. The Cleveland bullpen did the rest to take a commanding 3-0 series lead over Toronto.
Robert O'Connell
2016 mlb playoffs

Andrew Miller Is So Unfair

Miller's been the MVP of the postseason, striking out 17 of the 28 batters he's faced without allowing a run. He's helped Cleveland take a 2-0 lead over the Blue Jays in the ALCS.
Chris Toman

Looking for a Hit, the Cleveland Indians Have Doubled Down on Pitching

The Cleveland Indians have as good a shot at a World Series berth as any team in the AL. If things had worked out better at the deadline, it'd be even better.
Jonathan Bernhardt

For The First Time In Generations, Youth Is Being Served In The Bronx

Under the Steinbrenners, the Yankees have made a policy of burying young players and buying expensive older ones. At the trading deadline, that all changed.
Steven Goldman
this particular week in baseball

Expensive Relievers, Unavailable Catchers, And More: This Particular Week In Baseball

The trade market for relief pitchers continues to defy reason, the universe continues to defy the Cleveland Indians, and teams get ready to change everything.
Matthew Kory
this particular week in baseball

The Pomeranz Bounty, Seasick Mariners, and More: This Particular Week in Baseball

Dissecting the first big pre-deadline trade, figuring out what's wrong with the flailing Mariners, pondering the lot of the injured trade target, and other delights.
Matthew Kory

The Cubs And Yankees Match Up As Trade Partners, But It's Not That Easy

The Cubs look historically great, but need improve their bullpen. The floundering Yankees could retool by dealing vets for prospects. It fits, but it's never that easy.
Steven Goldman