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New York Sues ExxonMobil for Allegedly Defrauding Investors About Climate Change

NY AG Barbara Underwood said the oil and gas company’s leadership, including former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, knew about this pattern of fraud for several years.
Becky Ferreira
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New York Attorney General Launches Inquiry Into 13 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

AG Schneiderman sent letters to 13 exchanges including Coinbase and Bitfinex asking for information on their operations.
Jordan Pearson
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Senate Needs One More Vote as States Sue to Save Net Neutrality

The FCC may have voted to rollback net neutrality, but the battle for the internet is far from over as lawmakers mobilize.
Impact Staff
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22 States Are Suing the FCC For Repealing Net Neutrality

This is the first of what is expected to be multiple lawsuits challenging the agency’s vote last year.
Kaleigh Rogers
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

More women accuse Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct, Trump gushes on phone with Putin, state attorneys general vow to sue to protect net neutrality, and more.
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New York's Fyre Fest of Pizza Is Now Under Investigation

Attendees reportedly paid as much as $75 for cold, bite-sized slices and cheap red wine. Now New York's Attorney General is investigating.
Drew Schwartz

Jeff Sessions Is Just Happy to Be Here

The attorney general loves his job no matter what his boss says about him in the paper.
Eve Peyser
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Most Americans Think Jeff Sessions Should Resign, According to a New Poll

The attorney general promised to recuse himself from investigating Trump's campaign, but apparently a good number of Americans don't think that's enough.
Allie Conti
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Jeff Sessions as Attorney General? Please, No, Make It Stop

As we wait for the Senate to vote on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, here's a quick reminder of why he would be disastrous at defending Americans' constitutional rights.
Amanda Arnold
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Trump Fires AG for Upholding the Law, Senate Boycotts Hellish Confirmations

Less than a day after Trump fired the acting Attorney General for upholding the Constitution, the world watches to see if the Senate confirms Jeff Sessions—a man who was once determined to be too racist to be a judge—to fill the role.
Amanda Arnold
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Watch the Senate Vote on Jeff Sessions's Attorney General Nomination

The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on the Alabama senator's nomination at 9:30 AM EST.
VICE Staff

People Keep Getting Thrown Out of Jeff Sessions' Hearing for Calling Him Racist

"This man is evil," one protestor said as she was being escorted out.
Broadly Staff