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8 People Were Told Not to Leave Epstein Alone. They Did Anyway.

Investigators are now looking into whether these people also knew, for sure, that Epstein had been left alone in his cell.
Carter Sherman
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A “Screaming Siren” Went Off at the DOJ over Trump’s Census Citizenship Question

The Justice Department has a new team of lawyers with a nearly impossible task: finding a new rationale to include the citizenship question on the census after all.
Gaby Del Valle
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A Brief Guide to The Most Boring Beef in Washington

James Comey and Rod Rosenstein are trading barbs about each other's moral fortitude.
Tim Marcin
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Barr doesn’t have a problem with Trump praising Manafort for not “flipping”

"Discouraging flipping, in that sense, is not obstruction.”
Christina Sterbenz
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Read Mueller's letter telling Barr he disagrees with his summary of the Russia report

Mueller wrote that Barr's summary "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this Office’s work and conclusions."
Rex Santus
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Barr's defense of Trump is still baffling

“A lot of lawyers are simply bewildered by the conclusion Barr reached.”
Greg Walters
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LIVE: Watch us read the entire Mueller report

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Mueller found 10 instances of potential obstruction, but Barr cleared Trump anyway

Attorney General William Barr repeated Trump's "no collusion" claim.
Emma Ockerman
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Attorney General Barr thinks the government spied on Trump, and he’s looking into it

He didn’t offer much in the way of proof.
Greg Walters

Anti-Semitic comments have flooded a New Jersey Facebook page. The state wants Facebook to step in.​

The page illustrates the “rising tide of hate” around the state and country, according to officials.
David Uberti
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Mueller report did not find that Trump campaign conspired with Russia, attorney general says

The attorney general says that the special counsel's report did not find Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed justice, and that there are no more indictments planned in the case. ​
Greg Walters
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Read the "brief letter" Congress just received about the Mueller report's findings

Rep. Jerry Nadler said the investigation doesn't conclude President Donald Trump committed a crime but “also does not exonerate him.”