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America's Insane Bail System Is Even Worse Than You Think

I grew up in Brooklyn in a neighborhood where we saw excess incarceration. But the system doesn't have to be this bad.
Michael K. Williams
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Guy Who Destroyed Trump's Star Getting Bailed Out by the First Guy to Smash It

We've truly come full circle.
Drew Schwartz
Criminal Justice

How New York Could Change the Game for Criminal Defendants

Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing wide-ranging reforms to the state's criminal justice system, from eliminating cash bail to forcing prosecutors to reveal more about their cases before trial.
Beth Schwartzapfel
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Martin Shkreli Jailed After Weird Post About Hillary Clinton's Hair

The infamous "pharma bro" was out on $5 million bail after being convicted of securities fraud, but his Facebook post got it revoked.
Lauren Messman
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I'm a Bail Bondsman Who's Tired of Being Demonized

A small business owner offers a personal counterargument to the movement in the US that aims to treat people who get arrested with more leniency.
Chris Blaylock as told to Alysia Santo
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Adnan Syed's Lawyer Is Trying to Get Him Out on Bail

Syed's lawyer has filed a motion to get him out on bail just a few months after a Baltimore judge granted the 'Serial' subject a new trial.
Lauren Messman
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Things Are Going Great for the Guy Who Attacked Dylann Roof in Jail

Dwayne Stafford is enjoying temporary housing and donated clothing, food, and cash after being released from jail where he assaulted Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.
VICE Staff

​A Judge Explains How to Change America’s Twisted Bail System

Alternatives to holding suspects hostage for amounts they can't pay are gaining traction nationwide.
John Surico

There's a New Way for People Arrested in NYC to Avoid Jail

A program called supervised release offers an escape route for people faced with a possible stint at New York City's hellish Rikers Island jail complex.
Taylor Dolven
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We Continue Our Look at the Bail Industry on Today's 'Daily VICE'

We also hear about Noisey's new weekly roll call of emerging artists and discuss how the men's beauty market of South Korea could open a relatively new frontier of men's fashion in the West.
VICE Staff

Inside America's For-Profit Bail System

In the premiere episode of our series 'Justice,' VICE examines the winners and losers of for-profit criminal justice and explores the emerging alternatives.
VICE Staff
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We Meet a Teen Who Got $500,000 Bail for a Broken Window on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then we meet Arthur Brand, a detective who operates within the black market of art, and hear about the surprising new album from Agoraphobic Nosebleed.
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