Jeffrey Epstein Just Got Denied Bail

Judge Richard Berman determined Epstein was a danger to the community and a flight risk.


America's Insane Bail System Is Even Worse Than You Think

I grew up in Brooklyn in a neighborhood where we saw excess incarceration. But the system doesn't have to be this bad.


I Was Locked Away from My Children for 14 Months Because I Couldn't Make Bail

Because I couldn't afford to pay $250,000 in bail, I had to languish behind bars for over a year while awaiting trial—without being convicted of a crime.


America's Broken Cash Bail System is Criminal Justice Gone Terribly Wrong

Across the country, legislators acknowledge that the bail bonds unfairly targets poor people and people of color. Now some states are taking steps to change.


This App Is Helping Black Organizers Bail People Out of Jail

Since the app launched three months ago, over 7,500 users have signed up and have raised more than $60,000.


Bail Algorithms Are As Accurate As Random People Doing an Online Survey

Algorithms like COMPAS that predict recidivism have flooded the criminal justice system—but do they work?


How New York Could Change the Game for Criminal Defendants

Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing wide-ranging reforms to the state's criminal justice system, from eliminating cash bail to forcing prosecutors to reveal more about their cases before trial.


You Can Now Mine Cryptocurrency to Bail People Out of Jail

“The people for whom bail is set haven’t been convicted of anything.”


SCOTUS cases you should be paying close attention to

SCOTUS cases you should be paying close attention to


Martin Shkreli Jailed After Weird Post About Hillary Clinton's Hair

The infamous "pharma bro" was out on $5 million bail after being convicted of securities fraud, but his Facebook post got it revoked.