band for life


Band for Life - Part 35

Linda's partner Claw has witnessed a horrifying accident at his factory job, and Linda's facing her own problems at work. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that work sucks.


Band For Life - Part 34

Krang's new boyfriend Elliot is a good man with fascinating hobbies, a big heart, and a bit of spending money. So why is Krang so miserable?


Band for Life - Part 33

Krang gets taken on a date to a bougie farm-to-table restaurant and comes close to a meltdown after nearby yuppies talk about taxes and cabinets.


Band for Life - Part 32

Annimal's ex-boyfriend is like a bad case of athlete's foot that won't go away no matter how many times you spray it. Her bandmates try to shelter her from his latest creepy attempt to win her back, and everyone realizes that low end is key.


Band for Life - Part 31

Linda's bathroom is busted and she needs a bath, so she visits her friend Janelle Greengrass, a reclusive cartoonist who's drawing an erotic memoir.


Band for Life - Part 30

Renato's business and life are threatened by a rival tattoo shop owner with underworld connections.


Band for Life - Part 29

Ever since the fortune teller at the amp shop warned him to beware of a vintage Buick Wildcat, Renato has been feeling on edge.


Band for Life - Part 28

Zot goes home to visit his sick mom and is reminded that sometimes it's just easier to keep your family in the dark. I mean, they love you, but will they ever really "get" you?


Band for Life - Part 27

Band for Life is a comic about Guntit, the most fucking roundest band in the world. In this episode, they go to a holistic instrument repair shop.


Band for Life - Part 26

True love makes everything like a day at the beach, even when you're hip-deep in shit.


Band for Life - Part 25

Balancing between being in the weirdest rock band in the world and working as a nurse can be hard. How do you deal with your normal boyfriend wanting to see you play? What if he stops loving you?!


Band for Life - Part 24

To master the double bass you must set aside your capitalistic notions of progress.