Benjamin Netanyahu


This Could Be the End of Netanyahu

As Israelis head to the polls today, the embattled prime minister is neck and neck with his chief rival Benny Gantz.


Netanyahu's Desperate Campaign Promise Would 'Bury Any Chance of Peace'

The Arab world has furiously condemned the Israeli prime minister's pledge to annex a large chunk of the occupied West Bank if he's re-elected.


Brazilian Warplanes Are Trying to Soak the Burning Amazon

President Jair Bolsonaro authorized military intervention, as other nations promised to send resources to the rescue


Rashida Tlaib Just Canceled Her Trip to "Racist and Oppressive" Israel

The congresswoman announced Friday morning, right after Israel reversed course and said it would let her into the country.


Israel Will Let Rashida Tlaib In — Under One Condition

There's no indication yet if Tlaib's close ally Rep. Ilhan Omar will be permitted to enter.


Netanyahu Just Put Up a Giant Gold “Trump” Sign in the Golan Heights

Trump has recognized Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, seized from Syria in 1967.


What the Hell Just Happened to Israel's Government?

“Netanyahu is not only fighting for his political life, but he’s also fighting to stay out of court, out of jail."


Trump and Israel Team Up to Cool Tensions With Iran

U.S. officials are raising concerns that intelligence about Iran's plans to attack American allies was misinterpreted.


Here's Where Things Stand After a Deadly Weekend in Israel and Gaza

Before a ceasefire took effect Monday morning, 27 people, including two Palestinian babies, were left dead by the most violent clashes since 2014.


Netanyahu looks set for a record fifth term. Here’s what you need to know about Israel’s elections.

The incumbent appears to have a clear path to form a coalition government with right-wing and nationalist parties.


Israel's latest stand-off with Gaza has Netanyahu in 'a lose-lose situation'

"In theory one hopes he makes the decision based on the strategic interests for Israel. But politically he's very much — It's damned if you do, damned if you don't."


Mike Pompeo thinks it’s “possible” that Trump is a biblical savior

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed that God may have sent Trump to save Israel.