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Straight Fyre for Two Hours, But With Mechs

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Ten Lessons We Took Away from Netflix's Fyre Festival Documentary

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“They really hurt me:” Bahamian restaurant owner screwed over by Fyre Festival gets a huge GoFundMe

So far $160,000 have poured into Maryann Rolle's coffers through GoFundMe.


Behind the Scenes of Netflix's New Fyre Festival Documentary

"The thing that the founder, Billy, wanted more than anything—in my opinion—was to be in the middle of it all. He wanted to be 'the guy.'"


Netflix Has Dropped the Trailer for VICE's New Fyre Festival Documentary

The film lifts the lid on one of the greatest dumpster fires of the modern age.


BREAKING: Fyre Festival scammer Billy McFarland sentenced to 6 years in prison

"The remorse I feel is crushing," McFarland told the judge at his sentencing.


Fyre Festival fraudster Billy McFarland said he scammed everyone because he’s bipolar. Prosecutors say he's a liar.

A desperate play for leniency before a judge sentences him to as much as 20 years in prison.


Fyre Festival founder facing up to 75 years in prison with new guilty plea

Billy McFarland stole more than $100,000 while out on bail for charges related to his Fyre Fest scam.


Two Fyre Festival attendees just won $5 million for their trauma

A North Carolina judge awarded the judgement against promoter Billy McFarland, including millions in punitive damages.


Fyre Festival founder charged with scamming people out of $100K while out on bail

Billy McFarland, who pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges in March, was charged with an additional count of wire fraud and money laundering late Tuesday afternoon.


Fyre Fest's founder is going to prison, but the spirit of his scam lives on

Founder Billy McFarland was still pursuing business deals while out on bail, and Fyre Fest attendees are still getting offers.