Facebook Just Launched Its Own Version of Bitcoin. Here's What You Need to Know.

Having proven it can't be trusted with your data, Facebook wants you to trust it with your money.


There's a Huge ASCII Penis Hidden on the Ethereum Blockchain

Artists Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen embedded the work on the blockchain in an act aimed "against being adult."


Canadian Banks and Telecoms Are Collaborating on a Digital ID System

Verified.Me will allow people to consent to an institution sharing their data to verify their identity or access services.


We Beamed the Communist Manifesto to Space Using Bitcoin

Satellites and some nascent tech gave Motherboard a unique opportunity.


Former Hacking Team Members Are Now Spying on the Blockchain for Coinbase

Coinbase said it's aware of the Neutrino founders' controversial past, but their technology is the best the major exchange has encountered.


Ryan Zinke says he's now trying to make a cryptocurrency company "great again"

Former Trump Cabinet member Ryan Zinke has a new gig as the managing director of Artillery One, a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm.


10 Years of the Blockchain: What Is Bitcoin, Really?

The Bitcoin white paper was released into the world 10 years ago today, so we asked some influential people in the space—including the guy who spent 10,000 bitcoins on pizza in 2010—what it is and where it's going.


Inside a Reddit Sockpuppet Operation

According to multiple Reddit moderators, someone called "Aaron" has approached them to be part of a spam marketing campaign, with a particular focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain-linked projects.


How bitcoin helped track down suspects in the Russia investigation

One blockchain developer showed VICE News how to trace just anyone with a bitcoin wallet.


A Wildly Popular Ethereum Gambling Game Just Paid Out 3 Million Dollars

'Fomo3D' is a controversial and popular Ethereum application, and the lottery's winner may have clogged the blockchain itself to win.


An Incredibly Simple Hack Had the Potential to Manipulate Cryptocurrency Markets

Visitors to Ethereum blockchain explorer on Monday were shown a pop-up that said, “l337,” but the hackers could have tricked site visitors by superficially changing values on the blockchain record.


How to Understand Blockchains With Scrabble

This modified game of Scrabble called Scrabits is fast, chaotic, and educational.