Why Coalition Airstrikes Killed So Many More Civilians in the Middle East in 2017

There was a 42 percent increase in civilian deaths from 2016.
Bruno Bayley
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A Drunk and Disorderly Call Led Cops to Potential 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

Police found explosive chemicals, bottled urine, and a lunchbox bomb at a Florida home.
Drew Schwartz
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Hawaii Is Getting Ready for a Possible North Korean Nuclear Attack

The state is set to roll out a plan for how it would respond, now that the Hermit Kingdom has developed a missile capable of traveling 4,000 miles.
Drew Schwartz

Why Did America Drop the Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan?

ISIS was the target, but an expert told us the historic attack was also about sending a message to Russia.
Mike Pearl

A Brief History of People Setting Off Bombs in New York City

When things explode in America's largest city, many rush to judgment about who they believe responsible. History suggests this is unwise.
Tom Cowell
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Are Terrorist Attacks Bad for Hillary Clinton's Campaign?

How this past weekend's incidents might affect the outcome of the election.
Mike Pearl
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Inside the US Effort to Clear Millions of Vietnam-Era Bombs in Laos

In some of Laos's impoverished rural villages, bomb craters have left the earth resembling the surface of the moon. The effort to clear Laos of war-era bombs goes on.
R. W. McMorrow

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump says he might soften his immigration strategy, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake leaves dozens dead in central Italy, Tesla unveils a new "milestone" battery, and more.
VICE Staff

Inside Gaza's Underground Smuggler Tunnels

In the first episode of 'Black Market: Dispatches,' we explore the underground network of tunnels that connect Gaza to Israel and Egypt and see how goods move in and out of the Palestinian territory.
VICE Staff

Here Are the Deadliest Attacks on Cops in the Last 100 Years

Most of the incidents were shootings.
The Trace

This New Film Puts You in the Center of a Nuclear Blast

Between footage of North Korean military parades, frighteningly beautiful explosions, and powerful images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki burn victims, 'the bomb' reminds us of the very real problems buried beneath our feet.
Arthur Holland Michel
How Scared Should I Be?

How Scared Should I Be of Terrorism?

If we all get super scared of the Islamic State, can we make it go away?
Mike Pearl