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These Cops Are Seizing Cash from People Who Smell Like Weed Before They Fly to California

Smelling like cannabis and buying your ticket right before your flight from this Florida airport are apparently great reasons for cops to take your stuff.
Francisco Alvarado
Brett Kavanaugh

4 big Supreme Court cases Brett Kavanaugh will face this term

The Supreme Court will be hearing hot button cases on immigration, the death penalty, civil asset forfeiture, and tech monopolies.
Isabella McKinley Corbo
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A Campus Bike Cop Shut Down a Hot Dog Vendor and Took His Cash for Evidence

"Yep, this is law and order in action," the officer says in a video taken of the incident.
Drew Schwartz

The feds are looking into Colorado’s weed black market

Keegan Hamilton
Asset forfeitures

Jeff Sessions just made it easier for the cops to take your stuff

Taylor Dolven
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Justice Department doubles down on unpopular anti-crime strategy

Keegan Hamilton
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A controversial law enforcement tactic is creating some unusual alliances in Texas

In Texas, a public fight has broken out over a strategy used to fight drug crime: Civil asset forfeiture, which lets police officers seize property from suspected criminals.
Roberto Ferdman

The Long Struggle to Reform the System That Lets Cops Casually Seize Property and Cash

Politicians in both parties have been trying to overhaul the process by which police confiscate the cash and belongings they think have some vague connection to crime. Then Donald Trump happened.
Max Rivlin-Nadler

Trump Wants Cops to Confiscate More Stuff

After joking about ruining a state senator's career, Trump encouraged cops and prosecutors to seize assets.
Maurice Chammah
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Inside the Legal Struggles of Michigan's Medicinal Marijuana Industry

'Weediquette' host Krishna Andavolu takes a deeper look into the show's most recent episode.
Krishna Andavolu

What Can You Do When the Cops Take Your Money and Won't Give It Back?

Under New York City's opaque and arbitrary civil forfeiture system, seizing money from a woman not accused of a crime is a perfectly legal thing to do.
Jake Offenhartz
civil asset forfeiture

Is the DOJ's FIFA Corruption Sting Just 'For-Profit Policing' Run Amok?

The United States went to great lengths to prosecute FIFA. But was the ultimate goal just to make money from civil asset forfeiture?
Elliott Turner