computer science


A DIY Programmer Made a New Game for the 50-Year-Old Apollo Guidance Computer

“The AGC wasn't just an important part [of Apollo]: it was the core of the entire ship, without which the entire program wouldn't have been possible.”


Artificial Intelligence Guessed What These Recipes Look Like

These food pictures were generated by a computer, and they look surprisingly edible.


Cramming Software With Thousands of Fake Bugs Could Make It More Secure

Researchers suggest non-exploitable “chaff bugs” in systems could be a fun way to deter attackers from doing real harm.


How YouTube's algorithm prioritizes conspiracy theories

YouTube is programmed in a way that could lead to the promotion of conspiracy theories, a former engineer says.


Attack Targets Automatic Speech Recognition Systems

Research demonstrates the possibility of using slight distortions to trick speech recognition neural nets into hearing spoofed messages.


How to Hide Within a Social Network

New graph theory research offers good news for privacy advocates, bad news for the FBI.


The Activist Fighting for High-Tech Reconciliation for Canada's Indigenous People

As executive director of the First Nations Technology Council, Denise Williams wants to equalize the digital playing field for BC’s Indigenous communities.


Energy Neutral Drone Swarms Can Spy on You Without Taking a Break

Researchers imagine a self-sufficient internet of drones.


The Computer Scientist Dreaming Of a Better Sex Robot

Kate Devlin is reimagining the future of human-robot lovemaking.


Physicists Designed a Quantum Graph Search Technique That Matches Google

Researchers describe a fast new way of exploring complex data structures.


In the Era of ‘Prosthetic Intelligence,’ the Right to Remain Silent Is the Right To Encryption

Self-incrimination has taken on a new, dangerous meaning, according to researchers.