concealed carry


The "concealed carry" fashion show is for people who want to hide their guns

It's practical gear for an expanding market, but there's another goal.


'We Are Heavily Armed' Florida Church Warns No One in Particular

Signs papering the building warn that any attempt to wreak havoc within its walls will be met "with deadly force."


Meet the Fashion-Forward Women Who Love Guns

Hailey Gates checks out a fashion show for pro-gun women on the season premiere of VICELAND's 'STATES OF UNDRESS.'


Thieves Are Stealing More and More Guns in St. Louis

A St. Louis mayoral candidate wants to require gun owners report when their weapons get stolen, but the NRA stands in the way.


How Trump Could Make It Way Easier to Carry a Gun Across America

States that impose tough rules for concealed carry could be undermined by the loose standards in places like Utah under President Trump.


I Got a Concealed Carry Gun Permit I Can't Even Use

In San Francisco it's pretty much impossible to get a license to carry a gun, but that doesn't mean you can't find nearby classes that will teach you how to do so.


I Fooled the Internet with a Petition to Allow Guns at the Republican Convention

It started out as a joke, but my petition ended up attracting more than 50,000 signatures and becoming a national news story.


Scott Walker Loosens Gun Restrictions in Wisconsin Ahead of Expected Presidential Bid

Walker signed the bills at a ceremony in Milwaukee just a week after a mass shooting in South Carolina reignited a national debate about gun control.


Guns: The Cause of, and the Solution to, All of Life’s Problems

Republicans believe that gun ownership is a Constitutionally protected right with a philosophical pedigree. They now also appear to think that the more guns people carry around, the better society will be, which is a different and weirder proposition.