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Donald Trump, President of the US, Says Windmill Noise 'Causes Cancer'

River Donaghey

It Took 10 Seconds for Instagram to Push me Into an Anti-Vaxx Rabbit Hole

While social media giants crack down and Facebook says it will make changes to stop anti-vaxx content, Instagram’s recommendation engine makes it exceptionally easy to come across a waterfall of anti-vaccine accounts.
Joseph Cox
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This Internet Theory Explains Why We All Wind Up with the Same False Memories

It's called the "Mandela Effect."
VICE Staff
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New Mexico Sheriff Still Very Pissed About the Solar Observatory Mystery

"I think it’s chicken shit the way the FBI handled it."
River Donaghey

We Asked Flat Earthers What the Dumbest Conspiracy Is

“I don't think any conspiracy theory is stupid.”
Mack Lamoureux
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Stephen King's Son Thinks 'Jaws' Could Crack an Unsolved 1974 Murder

The theory connects one of Cape Cod's oldest cold cases to one key moment of the film.
Lauren Messman

Facebook Suspends Alex Jones’ Profile

After facing a firestorm over misinformation on its platform, Facebook removed several videos from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and suspended his profile, meaning he cannot post any content himself for 30 days.
Joseph Cox
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Fans Think This New 'Rick and Morty' Promo Might Hold a Secret Message

The show is crawling with hidden Easter eggs, and some fans think they might have found a new one.
Beckett Mufson
flat earth

I Went to a Flat Earth Convention to Meet Flat Earthers Like My Mom

And to find out how and why all these people in attendance got into the conspiracy theory.
Tom Usher

Speculation About the YouTube Shooter Reveals All Sorts of Bigotry

There is no evidence that Nasim Aghdam's religion, immigrant status, or gender identity are relevant to the YouTube shooting, but that hasn't stopped bigots from using the tragedy to espouse Islamophobic and transphobic ideas.
Sara David
Leila Ettachfini
taco bell

Country Singer Warns Taco Bell Not to Joke About the Illuminati

Play with fire and you might get burned, Charlie Daniels suggests.
Mayukh Sen
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Study Finds That Conspiracy Theorists Just Want to Feel Special

Like when people only listen to "underground" music, but with poisoned water supplies and space Nazis.
Scott Oliver