Cory Booker


Time Is Running Out, So Why Aren't Democrats Yelling About Climate Change?

The party has shifted to the left and is proposing bold new solutions on a range of issues—but its leading figures aren't talking much about the most existential threat to our future.
Zeeshan Aleem

A Guide to the Democrats Who Won't Be President

Michael Avenatti? Hillary Clinton? James Comey? Nope!
Eve Peyser

The Next Democratic President Will Legalize Weed

The legal cannabis bandwagon is picking up speed for 2020.
Harry Cheadle

Cory Booker Explains Why He's Making Legal Weed His Signature Issue

The New Jersey senator and potential 2020 candidate talks about his far-reaching legalization bill and whether he's ever inhaled.
Alex Suskind
Views My Own

Here's Why the Democrats Are Going to Come Back

The party doesn't need to reinvent itself, it just needs new stickers.
Harry Cheadle

Bernie Sanders Still Thinks America Needs Universal Healthcare

But for now, he'll settle for defending Obamacare.
Beenish Ahmed

The Senate Hosted the First Major Fight Over Obamacare Late Last Night

The Senate's "vote-a-rama" was just a piece of political theater, but it marked an important step in the second debate over Obamacare.
Mark Hay

Three Senators Are Finally Pushing to End the Federal Ban on Medical Marijuana

A new bill introduced Senators Rand Paul, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand would finally bring medical marijuana legalization to the federal level.
CJ Ciaramella

Is Newark's New Mayor Going to Decriminalize All Drugs?

Tuesday's vote produced a mayor-elect who has embraced the idea of blanket decriminalization, but will he carry that wish to fruition in a city tormented by violent crime?
Michael Tracey
All Bad News Considered

Facebook Beheadings, Obamacare Controversy, and More Bad News

A 12-year-old shot up his school, the Obamacare site continued to malfunction, and a jerk posted a video of a beheading on Facebook. Once again, it is a bad week in America. Here's all this week's bad news.
Rick Paulas

Is Twitter Superhero Cory Booker in Silicon Valley’s Pocket?

You may know Cory Booker as the impossibly charismatic mayor of Newark, New Jersey, or as one of the most Twitter-savvy politicians around, but he's also got very close ties to tech billionaires who have given him money and even a company of his own.
Matt Taylor
This Week in Racism

Oprah Accused a Swiss Person of Racism

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey tried to buy a $40,000 handbag while in Switzerland for Tina Turner's wedding, but was told by a shopkeeper that she "couldn't afford it." Nevermind that Ms. Winfrey made $72 million last year. That ain’t “hood rich.” That’s...
Dave Schilling