Cory Booker


Joe Biden Has a Fortress in the South

The former vice president has a 20-point lead among black voters, and that's huge in Georgia and South Carolina.
Daniel Newhauser
2 days ago
Eric Garner

The Cop Who Killed Eric Garner Just Got One Step Closer to Being Fired

Daniel Pantaleo may soon have to hand in his gun and badge for good.
Trone Dowd
democratic presidential debates

Wednesday's Democratic Debate Was a Knock-Down Drag-Out. Here's What You Missed.

Things got real heated, real fast.

Nine Legit Interesting Moments in a Very Personal Democratic Debate

Biden still seemed old. But people actually attacked Obama, for a change.
Alex Norcia
democratic debate

Booker Slams Biden for Embracing Obama When It's Convenient

Sen. Cory Booker's zinger: "Mr. Vice President, there's a saying in my community — 'You're dipping into the Kool-Aid and you don't even know the flavor.'"
Morgan Baskin
Fight for $15

These 2020 Democrats Are Barely Paying Some Workers $15 an Hour

Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard have the lowest-paid organizers, according to FEC filings.
Morgan Baskin
trans murders

Denali Stuckey Is the 12th Trans Woman of Color Killed in the U.S. This Year

Only 42 percent of investigations into the murders of trans people result in an arrest
Trone Dowd
climate change

The Democrats Are Kinda Sorta Thinking About Hosting a Climate Debate

DNC officials put two proposals on the table to bring the issue to the primary debate stage.
Alex Lubben

Booker Says He’d Close All “Inhumane” Detention Centers on Day One of His Presidency

"When kids are being stripped away from their parents and held in cages, I will not wait for Congress to solve this crisis."
David Gilbert
democratic debates

The Democrats' Terrible Spanish, Ranked

[Judging in Spanish]
Emma Ockerman
Victoria Leandra

So You Crushed the Debate but Your Polling Still Sucks? Here's What Happens Next.

Booker, Castro look to convert a strong performance Wednesday into a lifeline for struggling campaigns.
Daniel Newhauser
Cameron Joseph

Biden Somehow Wants Booker to Apologize After the Former VP Praised a Racist

Biden's on the defensive after 2020 challengers criticized him for reminiscing about politics in the Jim Crow-era South.
Alex Lubben