US Military Urgently Seeking Enormous Underground Complex for Undisclosed Experiments

DARPA says it needs to find a "complex underground environment spanning several city blocks" within the next 48 hours.


AI Controlled Robots Are Training Alongside U.S. Marines

The military’s mad scientists are training autonomous robots alongside troops in the deserts of California


Blame the U.S. Military for Those UFOs That Had Kansas City All Freaked Out

The government actually tweeted about the launch on June 18


DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System

The system will be fully open source and designed with newly developed secure hardware to make the system not only impervious to certain kinds of hacking, but also allow voters to verify that their votes were recorded accurately.


Scientists Fear DARPA's 'Insect Allies' Will Attack Global Food Supply with Viruses

The US has been investing in genetic technology to help save its crops, but scientists fear that same technology could be unleashed on our enemies.


DARPA Is Researching Quantized Inertia, a Theory Many Think Is Pseudoscience

DARPA gave researchers $1.3 million to build a prototype engine that is fueled by light.


DHS Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny It Has Records on Deepfakes

As DARPA researchers work on identifying manipulated videos, and lawmakers call for an intelligence community report, the DHS is staying tight-lipped on deepfakes.


The Military Reinvented the Wheel, They're Triangles Now

A new wheel that Carnegie Mellon scientists developed for DARPA adapts to its environment.


15 Years Ago, the Military Tried to Record Whole Human Lives. It Ended Badly

Before Facebook, the military tried to make an all knowing 'cyberdiary' called LifeLog.


A New Type of Computer Could Render Many Software Hacks Obsolete

DARPA is pumping millions of dollars into a computer circuit “Rubik’s cube.”


Should Robots Have Legs? An Investigation

Arguably, for most applications we might imagine, wheels are the way to go.


'Nature' Editorial Juxtaposes FOIA Email Release With Illegal Hacking

One of science's most important publications assumes science journalists don't know how to do their jobs.