A Weirdly Emotional Farewell to MoviePass from Its Most Dedicated Users

"MoviePass has made me the number-one customer at my local Regal, and put me on a first-name basis with the staff, who I consider my second family."
Rick Paulas

Here's What Will Happen if Trump's NAFTA Deal Falls Apart

Consumers might not notice higher prices at first, but farmers and car manufacturers would be hurt in major ways.
Mark Hay
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Trump Is Screwing Over the People Who Got Him Elected

He sold himself as the champion of the downtrodden, but isn't doing anything to alleviate to economic misery he spoke about in 2016.
Harry Cheadle

Disney's Park Employees Just Won a Huge Victory Thanks to Their Union

After a long public campaign, employees of Disney World and Disneyland will get a minimum wage of $15 an hour.
Nicole Clark

Congress Hates Trump's Trade Wars, but It Won't Do Anything About Them

Republicans don't like tariffs, but they like pushing back against the president even less.
Mark Hay
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The Ultra-Rich Who Cashed in on GOP Tax Cuts Are Paying Republicans Back

Trickle-down economics works: Money trickles down from wealthy donors to right-wing PACs.
Harry Cheadle
mic dicta

NFL Cheerleaders Need a Union

The league's underappreciated performers are suing the league and speaking out about underpayment and harassment—but they may need to organize to get respect.
Christina Floozy, Esquire

I Spoke to Akon About His New Cryptocurrency, Akoin

The musician hopes to establish a city in Senegal that would run entirely on Akoin.
Justin Caffier

MoviePass Is Still Refusing to Die

Even after a week of devastating press, a price hike, and new restrictions on users, the app is hanging on, and it remains a pretty good deal.
Rick Paulas
climate change

An Optimist's Guide to Solving Climate Change and Saving the World

We asked experts what policies they would put in place to fight climate change and got some unexpected answers.
Geoff Dembicki
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The Russia Scandal Might Help Trump Get Reelected

If his opponents focus too much on theories of collusion and "kompromat," they'll risk glossing over the real failings of his presidency.
Harry Cheadle
Late Capitalism

The Rich People in Your City Have Even More Money Than You Think

A fresh report shows in terrifying detail how we're living in a "new Gilded age."
Allie Conti