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Big Oil’s Business Model Could Be on the Verge of Failing

What happens when demand for oil peaks and starts to fall?
Geoff Dembicki
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Rick Perry Apparently Thinks Fossil Fuels Are a Good Way to Stop Sexual Assault

"When the lights are on, when you have light that shines, the righteousness, if you will, on those types of acts."
Drew Schwartz

How Self-Driving Cars Are Ushering in the Third Industrial Revolution

In VICE's latest feature-length documentary, 'The Third Industrial Revolution: A Story for Our Human Family,' social and economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin explains why we must rethink productivity in order to survive.
Alexis Chemblette

From Dusk to Dawn, These Solar Panels Bend to the Light Like Supplicants

A series of photographs from Reuben Wu show the power and intrigue of the solar panel.
Diana Shi
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Obama Moved to Block Oil Drilling in the Arctic Ocean

The US Department of the Interior has placed the Arctic Ocean off-limits for oil or gas drilling, setting up another obstacle for Trump's energy prospects.
VICE Staff

How the Government Reached Out to Native Americans in the Wake of the Dakota Pipeline Fight

Intent on preventing another PR disaster, the government held a meeting with tribes in Phoenix.
Cole Kazdin

The Struggling Canadian Coal Town Desperate to Return to Its Roots

On Cape Breton Island, where the last coal mine closed in 2001 after years of industry decline, an underwater mine near the 500-person village of Donkin is set to bring coal back.
Katie Toth

This $8 Billion 'Clean' Energy Dam Could Poison Locals with Methylmercury, Scientists Say

And the Newfoundland government has no plans to stop it.
Hilary Beaumont

Skating an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant

On an all new episode of 'ABANDONED', Rick investigates nuclear paranoia at closed nuclear sights in the Pacific Northwest.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

North Carolina declares a state of emergency after the second night of protests, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan pledge to cure all diseases by 2100, the cast of 'The West Wing' will campaign for Clinton in Ohio, and more.
VICE Staff

'Ghost' Photo Series Captures Energy in an Abandoned Building at Dawn

Photographer Laura Weyl and artist The Oracle visited an empty factory after a blizzard and exposed the magic within.
Francesca Capossela
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What It's Like to Be an Empath

If you feel the Earth's pain before an earthquake or have a panic attack because someone near you is anxious, you might be an empath too.
VICE Staff