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Toilets With Threatening Auras Compiles the Internet's Cursed Commodes

We talked with the guy behind the incredible Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Peter Slattery
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Facebook's Struggle to Moderate Two Billion People

The company has been criticized for allowing hate speech to proliferate, but it says it's doing everything it can to stop it.
VICE Staff
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Suspect Allegedly Behind Viral Paris Catcall Attack Has Been Arrested

CCTV footage caught the harasser hitting a woman outside a cafe on her walk home from work.
Lauren Messman

How Being Funny on Instagram Might Accidentally Lead Lauren Servideo to a Career

An aspiring journalist and former assistant at a medical publishing company made videos for fun—now she works for the platform, has a manager, and is quickly falling into the comedy world.
Alex Norcia
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Instagram Will Soon Let You Know How Much Time You're Wasting on Instagram

In a move aimed at improving mental health that might be more depressing than just scrolling through your feed.
Lauren Messman
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A Fundraiser to Help Migrant Children Raised $4 Million in Three Days

From more than 115,000 people.
Drew Schwartz
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Enjoy This Soothing Video of Port-a-Potties Being Ripped from the Earth

One of man's most wretched creations gets its karmic comeuppance.
Lauren Messman

People Told Us About Their Most Savage Social Media Breakups

"He sent me the cringiest video I have ever seen of him miming along to this bitter song... 'Loyal,' by Chris Brown."
Tom Usher

How Not to Ruin a New Relationship via Social Media

We talked to experts to figure out how to be in a healthy relationship on Instagram, Snapchat, and beyond.
Allison Tierney

A Data Dominatrix Showed Us How Our Online Privacy Is Violated

Mistress Harley says if you don't want to be exposed, don't let your internet browser save your passwords.
Alison Sinkewicz

Alleged Toronto Van Attacker’s Facebook Profile Linked to ‘Incels,’ Praised Mass Killer

Facebook has confirmed to VICE that the post linking Alek Minassian, accused of killing ten people, to the misogynistic group is real.
Jordan Pearson
Mack Lamoureux
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Syracuse Frat Bros Behind 'Extremely Racist' Video Say It Was Just a 'Skit'

Theta Tau members claimed their "oath" to hate black, Jewish, and Hispanic people was performed as "a satirical sketch."
Lauren Messman