Fidel Castro

The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump attacks FBI and DOJ ahead of memo release, 12-year-old girl booked after school shooting, Donald Trump Jr. suggests key FBI official was "fired," and more.
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Trump Matters More for US-Cuba Relations Than Castro's Death

Even after Fidel's death, his legacy will live on thanks to his brother—what Donald Trump will do when it comes to Cuba is far more of a mystery.
Mark Hay

How Cuban Stand-Up Comics Spin Censorship and Poverty into Jokes

In Cuba, comedy provides a family-friendly refuge from an everyday life, and an opportunity to inch up to the line of what no one can say out loud.
Harmon Leon

Why a Community of Punks Chose to Infect Themselves with HIV in Castro's Cuba

To escape persecution, Los Frikis chose to give themselves HIV for a chance at life in a Cuban AIDS sanitarium.
Abdullah Saeed

I Followed Fidel Castro's Ashes as They Toured Cuba

For four days last week, a small army convoy carrying Castro's ashes zigzagged through the interior of Cuba in a symbolic reversal of the path the deceased leader took to overthrow the brutal regime of Fulgencio Batista in the 1950s.
Jean Friedman-Rudovsky

Documenting 25 Years of Cuba's Overlooked Optimism

Starting with a trip to find long-lost relatives in the late 80s, photographer Manuello Paganelli has visited Cuba dozens of times, documenting a vibrant, optimistic side of the nation's culture.
Manuello Paganelli

Cuban Humor Owes Everything to Fidel Castro

Most Americans don't realize this, but 'el Líder Máximo' was the inspiration for—and butt of—a lot of very excellent jokes.

Black Radicalism in the Age of Castro

In our new Donald Trump reality, black radicals will not react as they did in the 1960s and 70s, when Fidel Castro welcomed some fugitives to his shores.
Ron Howell
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Trump Woke Up Early to Tweet Threats About US-Cuba Relations

It's probably best to book a flight and bring back some Cuban cigars and rum while you still can.
Lauren Messman

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Donald Trump claims millions voted illegally, the feds say they won't force the removal of Standing Rock pipeline protestors, Cubans to mourn Castro at Revolution Square in Havana, and more.
VICE Staff

How Fidel Castro Dominated Miami's Politics for Decades

The Latin American strongman cast a long shadow over the southern tip of Florida.
Francisco Alvarado
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All the Weird Stuff You Probably Didn't Know About Fidel Castro

A look back at the life of a man who avoided hundreds of assassinations, economically ran his country into the ground and loved the Manic Street Preachers.
Gavin Haynes