The Story Behind 'Sandstorm,' One of the Biggest EDM Songs of All Time

How an unknown clubgoer turned into an iconic European DJ.
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I Went to the Karaoke World Championships as Soon as I Found Out It Was a Thing

The only time you’ll find people from around the globe coming together to wave flags at someone thrusting to "Pretty Fly for a White Guy."
Hannah Ewens
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Passengers Board Final Flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th

Finnair is changing the Satanic flight number after more than a decade of service straight into the gates of HEL.
Drew Schwartz

What It's Like to Transition in Different Parts of the World

From Canada to Serbia, and all the way to Australia—eight individuals talk about coming out as transgender in their respective countries.
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Kris Phillips
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This Dude Accidentally Convinced the Internet That Finland Doesn't Exist

The theory weaves in Japanese fishing routes, Nokia phones, and the Trans-Siberian Railway to prove that Finland isn't real.
Mack Lamoureux

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton warns the Nation of the dangers of Trump in her DNC speech, two cops were shot in San Diego, the FBI investigates another Democrat group hack, and more.
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The Way to Make America Great Again Is to Be More Like Scandinavia

A British politician summed it up perfectly when he said, "If you want the American dream, go to Finland."
Arielle Pardes
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This Burger King Has a Dine-in Sauna so You Can Sweat While You Eat a Whopper

The sauna is apparently big enough for 15 people, and is perfect for work events, birthdays, or anything else you want to gather people in a Burger King sauna for.
Helen Donahue

‘Quantum Break’ Looks Like the Superhero Gaming Surprise of 2016

Finland's Remedy Entertainment is following up 'Alan Wake' with a sci-fi shooter unlike any you've played before.
Mike Diver

Finland Plans to Give All Its Citizens $875 a Month, Should Other Countries Follow Suit?

We spoke to the economics expert advising the Finnish government on their plans to give every citizen a basic income.
Sirin Kale

Helly Luv Is Kicking ISIS's Ass with Pop Music

"I feel privileged to be attacked by ISIS because it means the message is as strong as their weapons and their violence."
Rula Al-Nasrawi

A Finnish Punk Band with Learning Disabilities Is Going to Eurovision

​On Saturday Finnish TV viewers officially selected Pertii Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN), a punk rock group composed of four middle-aged men with learning disabilities, as their entrant for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.
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