Gavin McInnes


Supporting hate groups like the Proud Boys got far-right leader Tommy Robinson kicked off Facebook

Facebook and Instagram’s decision follows Twitter, which permanently banned him in March 2018.


The Proud Boys' new leader was sitting right behind Trump at his Miami rally

He was wearing a "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong" T-shirt.


Facebook has started kicking Proud Boys off the site

Facebook has started removing pages linked to the Proud Boys, the fascist street gang tied to numerous instances of political violence in recent months.


The NYPD is still rounding up Proud Boys over violent Manhattan brawl

That brings the total number of arrests to five.


Cuomo calls for FBI and New York hate crime investigation into Proud Boys violence

This weekend in New York, the Proud Boys were filmed pummeling one man and calling him a “faggot,” and bragging about kicking another “foreigner” in the head.


Tim Yo Is Dead!

How great is MRR? I grew up reading it in the 80s and I can see a lot of it in this magazine.


Trenchcoat Mafia

In Sacramento recently they threatened to destroy anyone who opposed them, even an eight-year-old boy (a lawsuit is pending).