The Oldest Bread Ever Found Dates Back 14,400 Years and Predates Agriculture

The discovery suggests that Natufian hunter-gatherers baked bread from wild grains long before it was cultivated from crops.


Researchers Project Sub-Saharan Africa Will Not Be Able to Feed Itself by 2050

Of the five major grains grown in the region (maize, millet, rice, wheat, and sorghum), maize is the most important in terms of yield and caloric value—but yields of the grain must be at least doubled in the coming decades if there is any hope of...


Why This Mexican Craft Brewer Refuses to Use GMO Grains

As a regular beer drinker who doesn't mind downing a few cold Negra Modelos in between IPAs and stouts every once in a while, I was curious to find out why this rebel is literally going against the grain.


Millennials Don’t Like Cereal Because They Hate Doing Dishes

Will the word “breakfast” no longer be attached to the word “cereal” in American gastronomy? Things may be headed that way.


Growing Grains Is Giving a Second Life to My Family Farm

My carrots and potatoes taste better than ever because growing grains revitalizes the soil. Also, I just made another cash crop for myself—just like that.


Stop Eating Store-Bought Flour

I hand-make pasta every day, and used to be all about Caputo 00 pizzeria flour from Italy until I found out about the flavors of freshly milled ancient grains.


Evidently You Can Clean Up A Nuclear Dump Site With Whisky

Scientists might just have discovered a way to use spent whisky grains to clean up radioactive material. And they might just be jamming a whole bunch of said grain down a massive (and massively radioactive) shaft in Scotland.


The Broadly Guide to Bourgeois Grain

The ABCs of gentrification's most contentious food group. You already know what Q is.


Can Scientists Really Take the Gluten Out of Our Wheat?

In Kansas, researchers are hard at work in attempts to decode wheat's DNA and find a way to make it friendly even to the gluten intolerant and celiac disease sufferers.


Health Officials Are Very Displeased By a New Paleo Baby Cookbook

Australian health officials have called for a delay in the publication of a new Paleo baby cookbook that recommends using DIY bone broth as a complete infant formula.


Sorghum Beer and Pork Barbecue Flow Through Burkina Faso's Cabarets

In Zogore, a village in northern Burkina Faso, market day came every three days. But out of respect for the large Muslim population, vendors in the Catholic sector sold beer and pork at various cabarets.


Vegetarian Children Are a Complicated Breed of Eaters

In 2014, hipster baby have gotten out of control, but now there’s a revolution of young children who are full-on, hardcore vegans and vegetarians.