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Las Vegas Shooting

People Are Bidding Insane Amounts for 'Bump Stocks' After Vegas

The devices that speed up semi-automatic guns were all over Stephen Paddock's hotel room. With Congress considering a ban, they're a suddenly hot commodity.
Alex Yablon
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American Tourists Keep Trying to Sneak Their Guns into Canada

Annual reminder that Canada has different gun laws.
Manisha Krishnan
quebec mosque shooting

Does the Quebec Mosque Shooting Reveal Flaws in Canada’s Gun Laws?

Suspected killer Alexandre Bissonnette reportedly had a legally-owned rifle and a pistol on the night of the killings.
Manisha Krishnan

The Alarming Proposals One of America's Top Gun Regulators Pitched to Trump

On inauguration day, a senior official at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) made his case for looser gun laws in a bizarre internal memo.
Alex Yablon and Ann Givens

What I Learned Tracking Every Mass Shooting in America and Europe in 2016

Now that the project has come to a close, I'm more sad than afraid. I've come to see simultaneous chaos and banality in these incidents, the result of a culture that makes it far too easy for violence-prone individuals to access firearms.
Mark Hay
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Why Trump Can't Eliminate Gun-Free Zones on Day One

Dismantling the myriad laws and rules on gun-free zones is way more complicated than the president-elect seems to think.
Olivia Li

The Trauma of Treating Gunshot Victims as a Paramedic

"Gunshots are really just the most barbaric form of pre-hospital medicine that we do."
Elizabeth Van Brocklin

What I Saw at an All-Ages Machine-Gun Party

Machine-gun lovers of all ages gathered in Casper, Wyoming, this spring to share in the joy of fully automatic rifles and artillery.
Nathan C. Martin

How the Government Makes Gun Records Impossible to Trace

The agency gets more than 1,000 requests for gun traces each day. But even small-town libraries have better record-keeping systems.
Dan Friedman

Here's How the Gun Industry Plans to Prevent 10,000 Suicides

They're still selling guns—but it could still be a big development.
Maura Ewing
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The Founder of Black Guns Matter on How to Reduce Urban Violence

"Guns are everywhere in my neighborhood. I want my community to know what bullets can do—and how they can exercise their rights."
Maj Toure, as told to Mike Spies
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Americans Are Trying to Bring Their Guns into Canada Because They Don’t Understand Gun Control Laws

Tourists don't need to be armed to the teeth to visit our friends to the north.
Manisha Krishnan