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White Men Keep Killing Themselves With Guns. The NRA Is Making It Worse.

The gun lobby's resistance to "red flag" laws puts its own members at risk.
Jonathan Metzl

Gun Companies are Helping Toy Makers Design Replicas That Get Kids Killed

A look inside the secretive financial ties between gun manufacturers and the people behind airsoft guns that cops mistake for lethal threats.
Alain Stephens
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Guns Make You and Your Family Less Safe, Not More

The evidence is pretty overwhelming.
Krishna Andavolu
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Should We Regulate Guns Like Cars?

From a manufacturer’s perspective, firearms get the kid-gloves treatment. Does that actually make sense?
Krishna Andavolu
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Banning the AR-15 Won't Solve the Mass Shooting Crisis

Instead, we should force gun owners to buy insurance and collectivize some of the risks of deadly assault weapons.
Krishna Andavolu

Just How Many Guns Do Americans Actually Own?

Some fans say the number is as high as 600 million. Here's what the data really shows.
Alex Yablon

The Republican Healthcare Plan Could Make Getting Shot Hurt Even Worse

If they become law, the president's massive Medicaid cuts figure to devastate the communities at unique risk of gun violence in America.
Elizabeth Van Brocklin and Olivia Li
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The Good Guy with a Gun Theory, Debunked

Analyzing 37 years of data, a Stanford team finds no basis for a theory at the heart of the modern gun-rights movement.
Alex Yablon
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After My Boyfriend Murdered Our Son, I Found Healing at the Gun Range

He shot me, too, with a 9mm Glock. Now that's the gun I keep at home.
Shannon Paolini as told to Max Siegelbaum

How Easy Should It Be to Buy a Silencer?

Until the tragic shooting in DC postponed a key hearing Wednesday, Congress was set to debate deregulating gun silencers in America.
James K. Williamson

How California Gun Owners Are Getting Around a New Assault Weapons Ban

New products could make tighter restrictions on one of America's premier gun markets largely moot.
Alex Yablon
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Ohio Is Dramatically Rolling Back Gun Regulations

Since taking office in 2011, Governor John Kasich has not vetoed a single pro-gun law in his state legislature.
Mike Spies