FEMA ‘Buy-Outs’ of Flood-Prone Homes Are More Likely in Richer, Densely Populated Areas

A new Science Advances study found that poor neighborhoods in richer, more densely populated areas are more likely to implement voluntary buy-outs of flood prone areas than, say, poor neighborhoods in poor areas.


The Hidden Psychological Crisis That Hurricanes Leave in Their Wake

Some local Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Bahamas are hoping to address the PTSD that results from our increasingly frequent weather disasters.


Rick Ross Got Extremely High With Bon Iver and Had No Idea Who He Was

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Dorian Is Still Not Projected to Hit Alabama, Despite Trump's Sharpie Map

It’s also unclear why Trump would be showing a week-old projection during Wednesday's “update.”


So, Here’s Why You Probably Don’t Want to Nuke a Hurricane

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Tropical Storm Barry Is a Huge Test for New Orleans’ Flood System

The National Weather Service is projecting a “life-threatening storm surge” and rains on par with Hurricanes Harvey and Florence.


Congress Is Giving Puerto Rico Some Disaster Aid Funding — FINALLY

It's a lot more than President Trump initially agreed to


"We had to go:" The threat of worse hurricanes forced these Panama City residents out for good

Over the next century, landfalling hurricanes will grow more intense due to warming ocean waters, according to a recent climate report.


“We’re not OK:” Panama City’s poor are still devastated after Hurricane Michael

“People just need to know that we’re not going to be OK, we’re not OK.”


This 40-Pound Pizza Burger Thing Is The Best/Grossest Way to Donate $2,000 to Hurricane Victims

“Everybody said I was crazy, I was out of my mind, how are you going to cook it? How are you going to put it all together?”


PHOTOS: Hurricane Michael hit Florida's Panhandle like a "bomb"

Even veteran storm chasers are saying they're shocked by the extreme devastation


At Least 3.4 Million Farm Animals Drowned in the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Millions more are still at risk of dying from exposure, starvation, or drowning as the Carolinas recover.