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A “Screaming Siren” Went Off at the DOJ over Trump’s Census Citizenship Question

The Justice Department has a new team of lawyers with a nearly impossible task: finding a new rationale to include the citizenship question on the census after all.
Gaby Del Valle

How a Simple Copy/Paste Revealed Explosive New Detail in Manafort’s Case

Redacted court documents keep getting unredacted because of simple, relatively easy to avoid errors. Here’s how to better redact PDFs.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Artificial Intelligence

New App Lets You 'Sue Anyone By Pressing a Button'

DoNotPay is a free app that is designed to help normal people fight big corporations in small claims court.
Caroline Haskins

Trying to reunite families is total chaos for immigration lawyers

Already overloaded immigration lawyers worry that some families may never be reunited.
Carter Sherman

This Heavy Metal Singer Became a Lawyer Fighting Sexism in Music

Hellion's Ann Boleyn has had a career in metal that's taken her from working with Dio to getting a law degree. Now she wants to help shape the next generation.
Micco Caporale

ICE just deported 25 Somalis who said they were physically and sexually abused in detention

The migrants, part of a group of 113 Africans set for deportation, boarded a plane in Texas on Thursday bound for South Sudan.
Josh Marcus
USS Cole

A secret microphone at Guantanamo Bay led an alleged terrorist's attorneys to quit

They quit months ago but didn't say why. Now, new court filings detail a secret mic hidden in their interview room.
Alexa Liautaud

The Supreme Court just created a legal mess for detained immigrants

Immigration lawyers across the country are scrambling to find out what will happen to their clients.
Taylor Dolven
Keegan Hamilton
climate change

Meet the Lawyer Trying to Make Big Oil Pay for Climate Change

The attorney who won a $200 billion settlement from tobacco companies in the 90s has set his sights on an even bigger target.
Geoff Dembicki

I Took the LSAT with Zero Preparation

Some test-takers study for months, prepping so extensively it becomes a full-time job. I went in cold.
Hanson O'Haver
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Bill Cosby Is Heading Back to Court in April

Cosby's retrial finally has a court date after being postponed for his new legal team, led by Michael Jackson's former defense attorney Tom Mesereau.
Drew Schwartz
Rise Up

How These Pro Bono Lawyers Are Fighting Louisiana's Broken Court System

The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana's mission is to stop recidivism by working for ex-offenders in legal trouble.
Madeline Moitozo