Lightning Cables


Legit-Looking iPhone Lightning Cables That Hack You Will Be Mass Produced and Sold

Their creation has been successfully fully outsourced to a factory, the security researcher behind the cables said.


These Legit-Looking iPhone Lightning Cables Will Hijack Your Computer

It looks like an Apple lightning cable. It works like an Apple lightning cable. But it will give an attacker a way to remotely tap into your computer.


Why Counterfeit Lightning Cables Kill iPhones

Are cheap iPhone chargers safe to use with the iPhone? Here's how counterfeit cables can destroy your phone and cause it to stop charging.


If iPhone Moves to USB-C, We Must Embrace One Last Dongle

Apple is rumored to be mulling a switch from Lightning ports to USB-C. It would mean more people will have to use a dongle in the short term, but it'd be for the best.