Hong Kong

China Used Twitter Porn Bots to Spread Disinformation About the Hong Kong Protests

It also used long-standing accounts linked to K-pop and sports in a “blunt-force influence operation" to discredit the pro-democracy protests.
David Gilbert
Hong Kong

How China Used Facebook and Twitter to Bombard Hong Kong With Propaganda

The platforms suspended hundreds of accounts they say were used in a state-run campaign to discredit pro-democracy protests.
Tim Hume

WhatsApp Launches a Tip Line for Misinformation in India Ahead of Elections

WhatsApp has been struggling to address misinformation and rumors on its app without compromising security. “Checkpoint Tipline” gives users in India an opt-in option to submit rumors for fact-checking.
Caroline Haskins

How Facebook Trains Content Moderators to Put Out ‘PR Fires’ During Elections

Internal Facebook documents obtained by Motherboard show specific steps and strategies taken by the company to fight content moderation issues that may spike during an election season.
Joseph Cox
In Moderation

Facebook’s Own Training Materials Fell for Fake News

As the 2 billion user-strong platform grapples with misinformation, a training document for Facebook content moderators incorrectly claimed an image was of violence in Myanmar.
Joseph Cox

Facebook Is Rating Users' Trustworthiness, But It Won't Say How

In an effort to fight fake accounts and misinformation, Facebook is implementing a scale that ranks users’ trustworthiness from zero to one.
Daniel Oberhaus

Historians Are Calling Out Trump Online Whenever He Misreads the Past

Engaging with new media is no longer a dalliance for the history profession in the misinformation age.
Daniel Crown

Life Inside Louisiana's Leprosy Quarantine Was Tragic and Inspirational

The stigma and lack of understanding of the disease shaped every facet of life for patients there, who started their own businesses, founded a newspaper, and had their own softball league.
Gray Chapman
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Anti-vaxxers and fear caused Minnesota’s massive measles outbreak

Minnesota has seen more measles cases just since April than the entire U.S. in all of 2016. And 84 percent of those cases have occurred in the Somali community.
Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani
You're Smarter Than That

How We Were Led to Believe Dark Chocolate Is Healthy

For starters, many of the studies are funded by the cocoa industry.
Cindy Kuzma

Canada's Supreme Court Is Preserving Every Website Mentioned In Its Rulings

The country’s top court is publicly archiving every single hyperlink in its decisions, so they aren’t lost.
Dylan C. Robertson

America Is Not Prepared for President @RealDonaldTrump

Donald Trump's Twitter account has an enormous amount of power, and an unlimited capacity to troll the country.
Harry Cheadle