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Trump's Treatment of Women, Not Russia, Will Bring Him Down

We should be paying more attention to the sexual harassment and assault allegations swirling around the president.
Jill Filipovic
2 days ago
Decoding Extremism

Learn to Decode the Secret Language of the Incel Subculture

Experts have a tough time with these enraged, sex-obsessed men because they literally can't understand what they're saying.
Allie Conti

The Most Notorious Misogynist in Brazil Is Behind Bars, Again

The recent arrest of Marcelo Valle Silveira Mello shows that incel culture isn’t easily stopped—and it doesn’t always go by the same name.
Marie Declercq

The Idyllic Restaurant Chain Owned by a Homophobic, Racist, Child-Beating Cult

They don't exactly advertise their beliefs on the menus.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Toxic Masculinity Is at the Heart of This Darkness

The two biggest massacres in the last 40 years of Canadian history have been explicitly linked to misogyny.
Drew Brown

Everything We Know About Alek Minassian, the Alleged Toronto Van Attacker

Minassian, 25, has been described as intensely socially awkward and has been connected to an incredibly misogynistic online group.
Allison Tierney
Mack Lamoureux

Alleged Toronto Van Attacker’s Facebook Profile Linked to ‘Incels,’ Praised Mass Killer

Facebook has confirmed to VICE that the post linking Alek Minassian, accused of killing ten people, to the misogynistic group is real.
Jordan Pearson
Mack Lamoureux
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Tony Robbins Apologized for Saying #MeToo Stories 'Won't Make You Better'

After a video of him accusing survivors of playing the victim went viral.
Drew Schwartz
The Evolving Face of Hate

Inside the Alt-Right's Violent Obsession with 'White Sharia War Brides'

Far-right racists view women like me as a key tool in their fight to "continue the white race."
Erin Corbett
summer jobs

Working as a Golf Course Beer Cart Girl Is a Sexist Nightmare

Selling drinks to rich dads on a golf course was not the "ideal summer job" I thought it would be.
Mica Lemiski
The Reckoning

Women Need to Stay Angry in 2018

"What’s causing a shift right now is that, for the first time, women are not gagged by a subconscious knowledge that if they state what’s happening they will be ignored, mocked, or called a liar."
Emily Sargent

How Reddit Is Teaching Young Men to Hate Women

Reddit's "involuntary celibate" group was taken down earlier this month after its anti-woman debate turned violent. But the problem is much larger than one subreddit.
Aditi Natasha Kini