Mobile Games

Mobile Games

'Dr. Mario World' Is a Great Game for Two Hours. Then It Wants Money

‘Dr. Mario’ is the perfect fit for mobile, but it can’t escape the revenue streams that define the market.
Matthew Gault
Motosport Manager

'Motorsport Manager 3' Runs a Good Race, But Is Too Scared of Losing

A good racing strategy game is let down by a management layer that makes it too tough to fail.
Rob Zacny
PUBG Mobile

PC Master Race Invades 'PUBG Mobile' With Dishonorable Keyboards and Mice

Playing with a keyboard and mouse feels like cheating, and it's going to ruin the game.
Matthew Gault
Religion and games

In Thailand, Buddhist Monks Grapple with the Meaning of Video Games

Discussing games and reincarnation with Monks at Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Robert Rath
cooking games

'Cooking Craze' Offers a Fleeting Escape To a Tastier World

On finding comfort from the world inside a hectic freemium cooking game.
Emilie Friedlander

We Talk About Impossible Challenges and Forever Games on Waypoint Radio

From 'No Man's Sky' to Rob's explorations in 'Thief,' these are the games that just keep drawing us back.
Danielle Riendeau
free play

The World Needs This Frog Friendship Sim from the Makers of ‘Neko Atsume’

Have fun storming the castle!
Jordan Mallory

One Player's 21,000 Hole Quest to Beat the Seemingly Endless 'Desert Golf'

For two years, a glitch halted Luke Yagnow's progress. Then, everything changed.
Patrick Klepek
Leaf Tickets

'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' Has Microtransactions and I'm Not Even Mad

If there was ever a Nintendo game that was perfect for 'free-to-play,' it's this one.
Jed Whitaker

How 'Words With Friends' Became a Game About the Language of Everyday Life

The successor-apparent to 'Scrabble' does more than just transport the board game classic to your phone. It embraces the words of today.
Stephen Kearse
Professor Layton

The Localization of the New Professor Layton Game Has a Brexit Joke In It

Which is far from crass or anything—it’s the sign of a great job being done.
Kate Gray

Nintendo’s ‘Ever Oasis’ Is Caught Between High Adventure and Headache

'Secret of Mana' director Koichi Ishii's new game never finds a sweet spot, however cute its looks and sublime its music.
Mike Diver