The Moldovian Winery That Serves the Nearly-Forgotten Food of Gagauzia

There's a quiet pseudo-state contained within Moldova’s borders: Gagauzia, an autonomous region with its own people, culture, language, and cuisine.
Molly Harris

It's Hard Being Young in a Country That Doesn't Exist

Photographer Anton Polyakov's latest project documents how young people in Transnistria are struggling to establish some form of youth culture.
Thomas Vorreyer

Photos from Transnistria, the Country That Doesn't Exist

The United Nations may not formally recognize the country's independence, but 500,000 Transnistrians deserve to be seen.
Adina Florea

‘Lone Wolf’ Criminal Hacker Gets Doxed Thanks To Series Of Dumb Mistakes

A cybercriminal from Eastern Europe who has been hacking a Chinese company for years appears to have carelessly exposed his own real identity.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
the trials and tribulations of rohan ricketts

"I Just Felt Cheated": Rohan Ricketts Discusses His Nightmare Spell In Moldova

Having signed for Moldovan side FC Dacia in 2010, things quickly went sour for Rohan Ricketts. With wages unpaid, contracts manipulated and legal options seemingly exhausted, his time in Moldova left him disillusioned with the game.
Robert O'Connor

Photos of Childhood in Europe's Poorest Nation

Asa Sjöström documents the resilience of childhood in the ex-Soviet nation.
Asa Sjöström

I Went to a Country that Doesn’t Exist to Drink Its Famous Brandy

Located between Moldova and the Ukraine, Transnistria has yet to receive any international acknowledgement that it actually exists. Despite that, it happens to produce some extremely fine—and extremely expensive—brandy.
Emelyn Rude

This Ukrainian Cookbook Is Part Family History, Part Dumpling Heaven

“Cookbooks don’t have to be about recipes from a chef,” says Olia Hercules, author of Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine & Beyond. “I like recipes because of the stories they might tell about a culture and all these things our grandmothers used to make.”
Johanna Derry

We Asked Two Experts if We Should Be Worried About the Islamic State Getting Nuclear Weapons

They told us that there's no reason to lose your shit about the prospect of terrorists getting "nukes" on the black market. But it would be possible for them to acquire some kinds of radioactive material.
Mark Hay

How Worried Should We be About Moldova's Recent Uranium-Smuggling Bust?

The $2.1 million worth of uranium seized in a raid last week is only one of an exceptional number of nuclear-material thefts, losses, or smugglings recorded over the past two decades.
Mark Hay

I Was Arrested for Murder in Transnistria

The territory is officially recognized as a rebelling region within Moldova’s international borders. It’s not exactly an easy place to get to; there are no commercial flights and its neighbors are fairly hostile. Law enforcement there is a little...
John Dennehy, Craig "Questions" Scott

On the Ground in Transnistria, the Tiny Oppressive State That Wants to Join Russia

Western pundits have described the autonomous region of Moldova as the "next Crimea," but is Russia really about to invade?
Sean Williams