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18 More Colorado Local Governments Voted For City-Run Internet

The Comcast-backed law was enacted in 2005, but allows for towns and counties to exempt their district through a local vote.
Kaleigh Rogers
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The FCC's Next Stunt: Reclassifying Cell Phone Data Service as 'Broadband Internet'

The agency is expected to make this change in February, which will make America's broadband situation look better than it actually is.
Kaleigh Rogers
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A Hawaiian Politician Is Introducing a Bill That Would Encourage Creation of Locally Owned Broadband Networks

"One option is to reject corporate internet service providers altogether, and control the internet ourselves."
Jason Koebler
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Big Telecom Spent $200,000 to Try to Prevent a Colorado Town From Even Talking About a City-Run Internet

Fort Collins, Colorado is set to vote on a ballot measure that would open the door for municipal broadband, and Big Telecom is fighting mad.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Comcast and CenturyLink Spent $50K in Seattle to Support a Mayoral Candidate Who Opposes Community-Owned Internet

One candidate is big on municipal broadband, the other thinks it’s not feasible due to the cost. Guess which one Big Telecom supports?
Kaleigh Rogers
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The Town That Had Free Gigabit Internet

Pinetops, North Carolina’s fight to get municipal broadband demonstrates how far Big Telecom will go to keep its monopoly.
Kaleigh Rogers
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How to Protect the Internet

What normal people can do to stop the concerted effort by Republicans and big telecom to destroy the open internet.
Jason Koebler

FCC Won’t Appeal Municipal Broadband Defeat to Supreme Court

After court defeat, municipal broadband fight shifts to Congress and the states.
Sam Gustin

Congress Should Support Community Broadband Networks, Advocates Say

A partisan battle is brewing over publicly-owned broadband networks.
Sam Gustin

US Appeals Court Protects State Broadband Laws Literally Written By Big Telecom

A court has killed an FCC challenge to anticompetitive telecom laws all over the country.
Jason Koebler
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How the 2016 Presidential Candidates Plan to Bridge the Digital Divide

Broadband access has hardly been discussed during the presidential race, on either side of the aisle.
Meghan Neal

How Big Telecom Gets Away With Rewriting America's Laws

The fact that lawmakers will take this telecom-backed paper masquerading as “economic analysis” seriously is demoralizing.
Jason Koebler